Law: Federal Trade Commission Act 1914 (USA)

FTC: Baby formula collusion probe is justified

The Federal Trade Commission has rejected Abbott Laboratories’ request to narrow the scope of its investigation into potential price coordination of infant formula, saying there is no need to produce conclusive evidence of collusion at this stage.

25 May 2023

Wilson: Potential path for narrower non-compete rule

The Federal Trade Commission should have proposed a narrower non-compete rule that falls within the scope of its authority, the agency’s outgoing Republican member has said.

27 February 2023

Senate moves pharma package forward

The Senate Judiciary Committee has advanced five bipartisan bills aiming to promote competition and reduce drug prices in the pharmaceutical industry.

13 February 2023

Healthcare workers enthusiastic about non-compete rule, but may not see benefits

The Federal Trade Commission’s proposed ban on non-compete agreements may not be the boon that physicians and healthcare workers are hoping for given the limits of the agency’s jurisdiction, several antitrust experts have said.

27 January 2023

Syngenta seeks dismissal of FTC complaint

The Federal Trade Commission’s lawsuit against two pesticide manufacturers is a thinly-veiled bid to expand its powers and circumvent long-standing antitrust law, Syngenta has said.

18 January 2023

FTC proposes non-compete ban

The Federal Trade Commission has proposed a legislative rule that would effectively ban nearly all employers from designing contracts that prevent employees from joining or starting a rival company.

06 January 2023

Oversight report: FTC and DOJ usually stay in their lane

Practitioners and former enforcers have backed up a government watchdog's findings that the US antitrust agencies tend to divide and conquer when enforcing merger policy, although some have warned that jurisdictional disputes could soon increase.

06 January 2023

FTC challenges non-competes under Section 5

For the first time in its history, the Federal Trade Commission has sued to prevent three companies from enforcing non-compete agreements because the contractual terms allegedly violate Section 5 of the FTC Act.

05 January 2023

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