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06 November 2023

Divergent applications of FRCP Rule 23 look set to have big impact on US class action landscape

Featured in Americas Antitrust Review 2024

Two Ninth Circuit cases address whether Rule 23 prohibits the certification of classes that include more than a de minimis number of uninjured class members. The court’s drastically different rulings have focused attention on the application of the FRCP to class actions and antitrust enforcement more generally.

25 August 2023

United States: class actions

Featured in Americas Antitrust Review 2023

The opposing Ninth Circuit decisions in Olean Wholesale Grocery Coop, Inc v Bumble Bee Foods LLC shed light on Rule 23(b)(3) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and impact future US antitrust enforcement.

30 September 2022

Trends in Class Certification

Featured in US Courts Annual Review - Edition 3

As class certification standards have continued to develop in the antitrust context during the past year, questions of predominance have remained at the forefront.

24 June 2022

Third Circuit: Pharmaceutical Cases

Featured in US Courts Annual Review - Edition 3

The Third Circuit is a prominent venue for antitrust litigation involving pharmaceuticals, with the industry's proximity and the large body of pharmaceutical antitrust case law ensuring noteworthy developments each year.

24 June 2022

United States Q&A

Featured in Private Litigation Guide - Third Edition

A discussion of private litigation in the United States, focusing on the commencement of private antitrust action, damages, costs and funding, class actions and more.

22 November 2021

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