Law: Digital Markets Act (EU)

General Court president warns of added burdens from DMA

The president of the EU’s General Court has warned that an increase in cases stemming from the Digital Markets Act could be a “serious challenge” for the court.

25 May 2023

UK plans hefty cohort to enforce incoming digital rules

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority is expecting to deploy at least 200 staff on the country’s highly-anticipated digital markets regime, which should go before lawmakers in “the next week or two”, an agency official has said.

17 April 2023

Mundt attempts to quell concerns from proposed German amendments

Andreas Mundt has said proposals to give his agency new sector inquiry powers to impose remedies on companies without establishing an infringement include several safeguards and will not amount to a quick fix.

17 April 2023

EU adopts DMA procedural rules

The European Commission has finally published a playbook spelling out how it will practically enforce its new rules for digital gatekeepers.

17 April 2023

DMU head previews divergence between UK and EU digital regulation

The “participative approach” of the UK’s forthcoming digital markets legislation will give third parties a say in creating tailored obligations and designing remedies, the director of the country’s Digital Markets Unit has said.

24 March 2023

DG Comp official confirms likelihood of private DMA enforcement

Some provisions of the EU’s Digital Markets Act will be directly enforceable in national courts both in standalone and follow-on claims, although future litigation will clarify the scope of that private enforcement, a European Commission official has said.

22 March 2023

“Blood will be spilt” over DMA’s compatibility with Germany’s Section 19A, lawyer says

Lawyers have warned that overlaps between the EU’s Digital Markets Act and Germany’s enhanced competition rules for digital gatekeepers will likely need to be resolved by the European Court of Justice.

10 March 2023

EU considering joint DMA investigations with national enforcers

The European Commission is assessing how it can set up joint investigative teams with members of national competition authorities to enforce the Digital Markets Act, Olivier Guersent and Thomas Kramler have said.

09 March 2023

DMA will not identify new infringements, Bacchiega says

It is not the role of the Digital Markets Act to explore new forms of anticompetitive behaviour or “undo the past”, the European Commission official tasked with implementing the regulation has insisted.

03 March 2023

Incoming antitrust protocol will bring competition law to all of Africa, COMESA head says

The head of COMESA's Competition Commission has said an incoming continent-wide competition protocol inspired by the EU’s Digital Markets Act will ensure all 55 members of the African Union can introduce and strengthen their own antitrust regimes.

20 February 2023

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