Law: Competition Act (GWB) (Germany)

Germany closes food delivery MFN probe

A food delivery company's most-favoured-nation clauses do not raise antitrust concerns in Germany as the market is very different to the one probed as part of the national competition watchdog's high-profile investigation, the agency has said.

12 July 2023

Germany: Bundeskartellamt fosters competition in era of conflict and digital upheaval

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Amid the aftermath of the pandemic, the ongoing war in Ukraine and the rapid development of the digital economy, the German Competition Authority is prioritising the prosecution of illegal cartels, prevention of abuse and preservation of market diversity.

30 June 2023

Germany sends SO to Google over Maps bundling

Germany’s Federal Cartel Office has formally accused Google of abusing its dominance and breaching its Section 19A obligations by exclusively offering its various vehicle apps as a bundle, making it harder for rivals to sell individual services.

21 June 2023

FCO clears pharma refrigeration deal after parties pull-and-refile to avoid Phase II decision

Germany’s Federal Cartel Office has unconditionally cleared a private equity fund’s acquisition of a thermal insulation company in Phase I after the merging parties pulled and refiled the transaction during the agency’s in-depth review.

14 June 2023

German sector inquiry considers possibility of Google break up

Germany’s Federal Cartel Office has discussed the possibility of breaking up Google’s online advertising business in its final sector inquiry report, as the country’s lawmakers prepare to give the agency new powers to order structural divestments after a market study.

31 May 2023

Mundt: Loose definition of sustainability threatens apolitical enforcement

Competition law risks becoming “very politicised” if differing interpretations of sustainability gain traction and begin to influence the enforcement of collaboration on such issues, the head of Germany’s antitrust enforcer has warned.

12 May 2023

Germany agrees divestment remedies in dairy deal without upfront buyer

Germany’s Federal Cartel Office has conditionally cleared Müller’s acquisition of various assets from rival dairy company Royal Friesland Campina, after straying from its commitment guidelines that say it will only accept structural remedies with an upfront buyer.

22 February 2023

Germany: FCO at the forefront in the digital era

Featured in Europe, Middle East and Africa Antitrust Review 2023

The competitive system can only function if everyone respects competition rules. Since its foundation more than 60 years ago, the Federal Cartel Office has been a guardian of competition, enforcing the German Competition Act to keep markets open, ensure competition and prevent consumers from harm.

24 June 2022

Germany Q&A

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A discussion of private litigation in Germany, focusing on the commencement of private antitrust action, damages, costs and funding, class actions and more.

22 November 2021

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