Law: Competition Act (1998/89) (South Africa)

Takealot questions South African market study remedies

A South African online marketplace has hit back at the results of the national competition watchdog's landmark sector inquiry, claiming the enforcer incorrectly concluded it is a “leading” e-commerce company.

07 August 2023

South African enforcer settles Unilever cartel probe

Unilever has agreed to pay a fine and implement several public interest commitments as part of a rare settlement agreement without an admission of fault with South Africa’s Competition Commission.

17 July 2023

South African watchdog seeks excessive pricing fine amid jurisdictional dispute

South Africa’s Competition Commission has urged the country’s specialist antitrust tribunal to fine a gas monopolist for charging excessive prices, after a jurisdictional dispute relating to the energy regulator prevented the enforcer from fully investigating the alleged infringement.

12 July 2023

South Africa exempts energy supplier cooperation amid load shedding crisis

South Africa’s government has relaxed competition rules for national energy suppliers to reduce the impact of country-wide blackouts resulting from an ongoing energy crisis.

31 May 2023

South African tribunal confirms jurisdiction over sector regulator in excessive pricing cases

South Africa’s Competition Tribunal has ruled it has primary jurisdiction to decide excessive pricing cases in the energy market absent an express provision for the sector regulator to hear such matters.

16 May 2023

South Africa approves Microsoft/Activision after Call of Duty assurances

South Africa’s Competition Commission has approved Microsoft’s $67.8 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard, following a global assurance from the parties that they will continue to supply the Call of Duty franchise to competitors.

19 April 2023

South African chatbot seeks permission to intervene in Meta abuse hearing

A government chatbot service has asked the Competition Tribunal of South Africa for permission to intervene in the national competition authority’s referral seeking maximum fines against Meta for allegedly blocking the online chatbot from using WhatsApp.

18 April 2023

South Africa requests information exchange remedies in insurance joint venture

The Competition Commission of South Africa has asked the country’s specialist antitrust tribunal to impose conditions on an insurance joint venture between SEM and Allianz Europe due to concerns the deal may facilitate information exchanges between both companies.

01 March 2023

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