Law: Competition Act 1998 (UK)

PACCAR amendment should apply to all UK courts, funder says

An amendment to a UK digital markets bill seeking to resolve litigation funding problems from PACCAR should not solely apply to opt-out class action claims before the Competition Appeal Tribunal, the head of a litigation funder has said.

23 November 2023

CAT provisionally certifies class action against Sony

Sony has failed to stop a £5 billion opt-out damages claim brought on behalf of nine million consumers, although the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has ordered the class representative to amend the defined class.

21 November 2023

CMA unveils package of reforms to in-depth merger process

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has proposed a slew of reforms to its Phase II merger process, dubbed a “real step-change” to the operation of the country’s merger regime.

20 November 2023

LG ambushing UK cartel trial with legal technicalities, claimant says

LG is "pursuing a strategy of ambush" by raising new “hopeless technical points of law”, a claimant seeking damages from the liquid crystal display conspirator has argued.

15 November 2023

Funding arrangements in interchange lawsuits unenforceable, Mastercard and Visa claim

The funding arrangements of four proposed class action claims against Mastercard and Visa are unenforceable following PACCAR, counsel to the credit card companies has said.

10 November 2023

UK appellate court rules it can amend CAT class certification orders

A UK appellate court has confirmed it has the right to amend a collective proceedings order after the president of the Competition Appeal Tribunal questioned its jurisdiction to do so.

09 November 2023

CAT rejects rare CMA request to dawn raid individual

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has dismissed a rare request from the country’s antitrust authority to dawn raid an individual, ruling such raids constitute “considerable intrusions into private life”.

08 November 2023

Pfizer calls on UK tribunal to overturn excessive pricing fine

Pfizer has urged the UK’s specialist competition tribunal to overturn a £63 million excessive pricing sanction, arguing that there was “nothing unfair” with how it priced an anti-epilepsy drug.

06 November 2023

Carmakers urge UK court to curb territorial scope of CMA’s RFI powers

BMW and Volkswagen have attacked the UK’s competition watchdog for demanding documents from their parent companies out of jurisdiction, telling an appellate court the enforcer strayed beyond its statutory powers.

02 November 2023

CMA defends territorial scope of RFI powers

Preventing the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority from requesting documents held outside the country during an antirust probe would wrongly curb its investigative powers, the agency has told an appellate court.

01 November 2023

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