Law: Competition Act 1997 (Netherlands)

Netherlands issues second-ever vertical restraints fine

LG has vowed to fight an €8 million fine levied by the Dutch competition authority for issuing unlawful price recommendations to retailers.

12 September 2023

Dutch court upholds €82 million tobacco cartel fines

Four tobacco manufacturers have failed in their initial attempt to challenge the Dutch competition authority's €82 million fine for exchanging information on the future prices of cigarettes.

19 July 2023

Dutch enforcer blocks waste processing merger

The Dutch competition authority has stopped the country’s largest household waste processor from acquiring a major rival, rejecting arguments from the merging parties that the deal would help them speed through certain sustainability initiatives.

23 May 2023

Dutch court annuls another healthcare merger block

A Dutch court has quashed the national competition authority’s decision to prohibit the merger of two healthcare providers, less than two months after annulling another healthcare deal block on similar grounds.

15 May 2023

Dutch Court seeks ECJ ruling in Heineken jurisdiction battle

The Netherlands’ top court will ask the European Court of Justice to rule on jurisdiction in antitrust damages actions to help it determine if Dutch courts can preside over a Greek brewer’s €100 million follow-on claim against Heineken.

24 April 2023

Dutch court guts forex damages claim over lack of jurisdiction

An Amsterdam court overseeing the country’s main follow-on litigation against the EU forex cartel has ruled it only has jurisdiction over a few plaintiffs because the other 28 claimants are based abroad.

12 April 2023

Dutch court annuls rare deal block

A Dutch court has annulled the national competition authority’s decision to block a merger between two healthcare providers because the enforcer failed to correctly define the market.

27 March 2023

Hausfeld leads Dutch excessive pricing claim against AbbVie

An Amsterdam-based non-profit is seeking a court declaration that AbbVie abused its dominance by overcharging the national healthcare system over €1 billion for its rheumatoid arthritis treatment drug.

22 February 2023

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