Law: Cartel Act 1995 (CartA) (Switzerland)

Switzerland: Gearing Up to a New Comprehensive FDI Control Regime

Featured in Foreign Direct Investment Regulation Guide - Third Edition

Lack of a robust FDI regime has prompted the introduction of a new bill in Switzerland designed to yield more secure foreign investment and increase sanctions for non-compliance.

06 December 2023

Switzerland dawn raids construction companies

Switzerland’s Competition Commission has dawn raided several construction companies operating in a northwestern state as part of another bid-rigging cartel probe.

30 November 2023

Switzerland: Regulatory Changes and Mutual Market Access Problems with European Union set to Alter Competitive Environment

Featured in The Guide to Life Sciences - Second Edition

While the life sciences space has not yet raised major competition law issues in Switzerland it remains to be seen whether impending merger control reform will alter the competitive landscape for the sector.

20 October 2023

Switzerland: New COMCO president and revised legislation signify change of gear in competition regulation

Featured in Europe, Middle East and Africa Antitrust Review 2024

Cartel Act amendments look set to remove impediments to healthy competition and the strengthening of civil antitrust law. Amid economic and energy crises, critical investigations and rulings are coinciding with changes to COMCO leadership.

30 June 2023

Switzerland investigates Mastercard and Visa interchange fees

Mastercard is close to settling a newly-launched interchange fee probe by Switzerland’s Competition Commission, but Visa is further away from addressing some of its concerns, the antitrust enforcer has said.

29 June 2023

EU issues temporary approval to UBS/Credit Suisse

The European Commission has waived the standstill obligation under its merger control rules to allow UBS to acquire Credit Suisse prior to notification, but the agency could still investigate the tie-up.

05 April 2023

Switzerland: an era of potential modernisation

Featured in Europe, Middle East and Africa Antitrust Review 2023

The past year has brought up some fascinating and crucial discussions with regard to present and future legal developments, digitalisation and jurisprudence. Swiss competition law is evolving and the challenges discussed this past year will without doubt be of relevance for the years to come.

24 June 2022

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