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A Q&A with Rachael Kent

UK-based academic Rachael Kent filed a class action claim against Apple in May 2021, seeking £1.5 billion in damages on behalf of an estimated 19.6 million consumers who allegedly overpaid for their applications due to the company’s apparently anticompetitive practices on its App Store. Kent spoke to GCR about why the claim was a no-brainer and why she was unwilling to wait for agencies to conclude their own investigations into Apple before launching the proposed class action.

04 March 2022

Rod Sims: the exit interview

After an unprecedented three terms at the helm of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Rod Sims will pass the torch next month to Gina Cass-Gottlieb. In an interview with GCR, Sims looked back at the enormous progress his agency has made in the past 11 years, including taking on challenging cases, pushing for legislative reforms and becoming a global leader in the debate about digital platforms.

25 February 2022

Green innovation needs competition to perform

Ruben Maximiano, a senior competition expert at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, explores the importance of competition in shifting the world toward a greener future and why the legal and policy focus may need to move from short-run price effects to longer-term analyses.

22 February 2022

A Q&A with Justin Le Patourel

Justin Le Patourel’s damages claim against telecoms company BT became only the second class action to be certified by the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal in September 2021. Ahead of an appeal hearing scheduled for next month, Le Patourel spoke to GCR about the case, his experience of the UK’s class action regime, the importance of opt-out claims for especially vulnerable consumers and the creation of a network of UK-based class representatives.

18 February 2022

A Q&A with Arsenio Balisacan

Arsenio Balisacan was appointed as the inaugural chair of the Philippine Competition Commission in January 2016. He spoke to GCR about the temporary suspension of his agency’s merger review powers during the covid-19 pandemic, the multiplication of behavioural cases after reallocating staff to conduct probes, and the importance of consent orders and settlements.

07 February 2022

A Q&A with Reiko Aoki

Reiko Aoki has been an economist and commissioner at Japan’s Fair Trade Commission since 2016. She spoke to GCR about the benefits of her agency’s voluntary commitment system, the authority’s ongoing pharmaceutical cases and the necessity of continued international cooperation in digital markets.

31 January 2022

Lars Sørgard: the exit interview

After six years as head of the Norwegian Competition Authority, Lars Sørgard will step down on 19 January and return to his role as a professor of economics at the Norwegian School of Economics. Sørgard spoke to GCR about the authority’s accomplishments during his tenure and addressed criticism about the agency's enforcement priorities and political interference.

11 January 2022

Look beyond the “company town”: labour monopsony and 21st-century merger enforcement

The Biden Administration has vowed to reinvigorate antitrust enforcement, in part by wielding the Sherman Act as a sword to protect workers against “the harmful effects of monopoly and monopsony” – especially as these issues arise in labor markets. In light of this promise, Crowell & Moring attorneys Olivier Antoine, Megan Wolf and Chris Murphy consider the potential framework of analysis for labour monopsony issues.

17 December 2021

Isolde Goggin: the exit interview

Isolde Goggin retired as president of Ireland’s Competition and Consumer Protection Commission on 4 October. She spoke to GCR about the difficulties of operating as an enforcer without an effective sanctions regime, the likelihood of her agency restructuring following the transposition of the ECN+ directive and why she thinks the country’s courts must take a firmer stance when punishing competition infringements.

11 October 2021

A Q&A with Margarida Matos Rosa

With almost five years as president of the Portuguese Competition Authority under her belt, Margarida Matos Rosa spoke to Charley Connor about the agency’s recent forays into labour markets, the importance of focus when running a small authority and her ambitious plans for the 15 months left of her mandate.

20 September 2021

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