The European Antitrust Review 2016

Poland: Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

15 July 2015

One key commitment for the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) in 2015 and beyond will be to maintain a more transparent and open relationship with enterprises. UOKiK’s goal is to ensure maximum procedural fairness without prejudice to strict enforcement of competition law. At the same time, the Office intends to intensify the detection of competition-restricting practices, increase the role of economic analysis and streamline enforcement proceedings. It is hoped the revised competition protection legislation will give more clout in this regard. With new tools at its disposal, UOKiK will more efficiently combat cartels and other forms of anticompetitive behaviour, as well as quickly alert consumers to imminent damages resulting from illegal practices. The Office also intends to protect the market from illegal behaviour by nurturing relationships among external stakeholders. Since 2014 UOKiK and its management team undertook actions to create a results-oriented network for competition, encompassing sector-specific regulators, consumer organisations, law enforcement agencies and business organisations. Only through close cooperation and the exchange of expertise can the Office ensure better competition protection.

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