The European Antitrust Review 2014

Cyprus: Commission for the Protection of Competition

08 August 2013

The Law 13(I)/2008 on the Protection of Competition and the Law 22(I)/99 on the Control of Concentrations constitute the main legal instruments for the enforcement of competition policy in Cyprus. The competition law in Cyprus is fully aligned with Community Law. In particular, section 3 of the Law 13(I)/2008 is identical to the wording of article 101(1) TFEU. Section 6 (1) of the Law 13(I)/2008 establishes the infringement for an abuse of dominant position and is identical to article 102 TFEU. Section 6(2), however, contains an additional provision prohibiting any ‘abuse by one or more undertakings, of a relationship of economic dependence [...]’. The Law 22(I)/99 on the control of concentrations aims to prevent the creation or strengthening of a dominant position.

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