The Asia-Pacific Antitrust Review 2016

Indonesia: Commission for the Supervision of Business Competition

10 February 2016

Indonesia has seen significant changes in the implementation of its competition policy since 2014, most significantly after the amendment of competition policy in the Medium Term National Development Plan 2015–2019 that was set by the Indonesian president following his inauguration. This is believed to be a stepping stone to the promotion of regulation and self reform. The Ministry of National Development Planning/BAPPENAS (formerly known as the Ministry of National Development Planning) has set optimistic targets to revise around 6,000 regulations in the year ahead. Indonesia will form a team to analyse and reform existing regulations and assess whether such regulation would make a positive or negative impact on the community. Competition policy is believed to be one area of regulation to be assessed. The government has initiated the deregulation of 134 rules, as part of the first package of economic policy reform that was launched in September 2015. The recent improvements will create positive developments for competition policy in Indonesia.

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