The Antitrust Review of the Americas 2014

Chile: National Economic Prosecutor’s Office

The National Economic Prosecutor’s Office (FNE) is working to protect consumers and to create a culture of competition in Chile through a combination of advocacy and balanced and effective enforcement of the Competition Act, DL No. 211. In 2012, the FNE enjoyed major successes before the Competition Tribunal (TDLC) and Supreme Court in various high-profile matters, including a price-fixing case against Chile’s major retail pharmacy chains.1 With fines totalling around $41 million for conduct that harmed countless Chilean consumers, the pharmacies case represents an important step in the FNE’s fight against cartels.2 Indeed, fines imposed last year in just two cartel cases were higher than the combined total since 2004, when the TDLC was created.3 The challenge facing the FNE over the next 12 months – as it enters its 50th year4 – is to continue building upon the recent successes in its enforcement and advocacy efforts.

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