The Antitrust Review of the Americas 2010

International Competition Network

01 January 1900

Thirteen months shy of its tenth birthday, the International Competition Network has quickly risen to become the leading competition fora across the globe. With 107 members, the ICN now includes nearly all of the world’s competition agencies. In June, over 450 delegates from more than 80 jurisdictions convened at the ICN’s annual conference in Zurich, including more than 100 non-governmental advisors (NGAs). The conference was in many ways a celebration of ICN’s success. ‘The ICN is making impressive progress toward fulfilling a central aim that motivated its creation: to be a demand-driven institution that promotes acceptance of superior methods, enables agencies to understand more deeply their common interests and differences, and to realize, through collective action, results that elude individual initiative’, said William Kovacic, commissioner at the US Federal Trade Commission and the ICN’s vice chair for outreach.

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