Foreign Direct Investment Regulation Guide - First Edition

While the appetite – and necessity – for outside capital remains unabated, increasingly this is running into national security concerns, as well as stricter regulations on mergers. Although controls on foreign direct investment were already in place before covid-19, the pandemic and a growing shift towards protectionist economic policies have brought these concerns into sharper focus for governments. The Foreign Direct Investment Regulation Guide – edited by Veronica Roberts – provides practical and timely guidance for both practitioners and enforcers trying to navigate this fast-moving environment. The Guide draws on the wisdom and expertise of distinguished practitioners globally to provide essential guidance on subjects as diverse as the evolving perspective on deals with China to the changing face of national security.

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Digital Markets Guide - First Edition

The digital economy is transforming day-to-day lives, with a rise in connectivity not only between people but also between vehicles, sensors, meters and other aspects of the Internet of Things. Yet, even as the Fourth Industrial Revolution accelerates, traditional concerns are keeping pace and the digital economy has also been a powerful force, increasing competition across a broad sweep of products and services. Practical and timely guidance for both practitioners and enforcers trying to navigate this fast-moving environment is thus critical.

The Digital Markets Guide provides just such detailed guidance and analysis. It examines both the current state of law and the direction of travel for the most important jurisdictions in which international businesses operate. The Guide draws on the wisdom and expertise of distinguished practitioners globally, and brings together unparalleled proficiency in the field to provide essential guidance on subjects as diverse as how pricing algorithms intersect with competition law and antitrust enforcement in certain tech mergers – for all competition professionals.

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Private Litigation Guide - Third Edition

Private competition litigation has spread across the globe, raising specific, complex questions in each jurisdiction. The implementation of the EU Damages Directive in the Member States has furthered the ability of victims of anticompetitive conduct to seek compensation, even as US courts tighten the standards for forming a class action.

The Private Litigation Guide – published by Global Competition Review – explores in depth key themes such as territoriality, causation and proof of damages that are common to competition litigation around the world with jurisdictional overviews and Q&As. Beyond the established sites such as the US, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK, experts lay out the scene for competition litigation in countries such as Austria, China and Japan.

As the editors of this publication note, ‘litigating antitrust or competition claims has become a global matter, requiring coordination among jurisdictions, and requiring counsel and clients to understand the rules and procedures in many different countries and how the approaches of courts differ as to key issues.’

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Merger Remedies Guide - Fourth Edition

Successfully remedying the potential anticompetitive effects of a merger can be more of an art than a science. Not only is every deal specifi c but, as noted in the introduction, every remedy contains an element of ‘crystal ball-gazing’; enforcers must look to the future and successfully predict outcomes.

As such, practical guidance for both practitioners and regulators in navigating this challenging environment is critical. This fourth edition of the Merger Remedies Guide provides that detailed guidance and analysis. It examines remedies throughout their life cycle: from the fundamental principles, to the remedies available, through how remedies are structured and implemented, to how enforcers ensure compliance. Insights from four jurisdictions around the world supplement the global analysis to inform the reality of multi-jurisdictional deals.

The Guide draws not only on the wisdom and expertise of 41 distinguished practitioners from 15 fi rms, but also the perspective of former enforcers Daniel Ducore and Diana Moss. It brings together unparalleled profi ciency in the fi eld and provides essential guidance for all competition professionals.

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The Settlements Guide - First Edition

Whether, where, why, when and how to settle global antitrust matters is fundamental to the successful counselling of a client facing competition enforcement issues, and yet surprisingly little practical guidance exists to help lawyers understand the process and how to best protect the company’s interests in navigating it. The Settlements Guide brings together expert practitioners from 17 leading institutions around the world to fill that gap and debate the key issues in negotiating a successful settlement in antitrust matters.

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E-Commerce Competition Enforcement Guide - Third Edition

Increasingly, competition enforcement in digital markets is moving on from a discussion of whether established competition tools and laws are sufficient for the new challenges of the online world, to specific and targeted enforcement against tech companies. This fully updated E-commerce Competition Enforcement Guide, edited by Claire Jeffs, looks at this evolution and discusses its impact on companies, consumers and indeed competition itself.

Drawing on the collective wisdom and expertise of distinguished experts from around the world, the Guide provides insight on the differing approaches adopted by enforcement agencies and whether a balance is being struck between maintaining a vigilant approach to the digital economy and allowing competition to flourish.

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The Guide to Energy Market Manipulation

The Guide to Energy Market Manipulation is the first of its kind in surveying a new and complex form of regulation that applies to one of the most important industry sectors in the world.Read the review of the book from Dr Neil Campbell, McMillan LLP. Written by leading names in the field and published by GCR, the Guide is split into three distinctive parts: Legislation & Jurisprudence; Enforcement Practices; and The Regulatory Process.Chapters are made available to GCR’s readers free to view and download. If you are interested in a hard copy of the publication it is available in our shop, or as part of a GCR subscription.

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