South Africa: Competition Commission
South Africa
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South Africa: Competition Commission

South Africa: Competition Commission

South Africa

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South Africa: From the enforcer

Address: The DTI Campus, Mulayo (Block C), 77, Meintjies Street, Sunnyside, Pretoria, South Africa
Telephone Number: +27 12 394 3200 / 3320
Email: [email protected]


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Tembinkosi Bonakele
Commissioner (ended his term as Commissioner on 31 August 2022)

Doris Tshepe
Doris Tshepe
Commissioner (commenced as Commissioner on 1 September 2022)

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Hardin Ratshisusu
Deputy Commissioner

image 16
Nompucuko Nontombana
Divisional Manager of the Market Conduct Division

image 18
Makgale Mohlala
Divisional Manager of the Cartels Division

image 19
Bukhosibakhe Majenge
Divisional Manager of the Legal Services Divisionand Acting Deputy Commissioner

image 20
James Hodge
Chief Economist, Economic Research Bureau and Acting Deputy Commissioner

image 21
Mduduzi Msibi
Company Secretary

image 22
Amos Moledi
Chief Financial Officer

Londiwe Mncube
Londiwe Mncube
Chief Human Resources Officer

image 24
Tamara Paremoer
Divisional Manager of the Mergers and Acquisitions Division

image 25
Mapato Ramokgopa
Market Conduct Divisional Manager

Andile Gwabeni
Andile Gwabeni
Office of the Commissioner

image 26
Khanyisa Qobo
Divisional Manager of the Advocacy Division

South Africa: from the enforcer's competition economists

Address: 1st Floor, Mulayo, The dti Campus, 77 Meintjies Street, Sunnyside, Pretoria, South Africa
Tel: +27 12 394 3300
Email: [email protected] (General queries)


James Hodge
Chief Economist and Divisional Manager, Economic Research Bureau
Tel: +27 12 762 6944
Email: [email protected]

Principal Economist, Economic Research Bureau
Tel: +27 12 763 8610
Email: [email protected]

Jason Aproskie
Principal Economist, Economic Research Bureau
Tel: +27 12 762 6981
Email: [email protected]

Principal Economist, Economic Research Bureau
Tel: +27 12 763 8632
Email: [email protected]

Principal Economist, Economic Research Bureau
Tel: +27 12 763 8658
Email: [email protected]

Questions and answers

How many economists do you employ?

There are 72 economists employed at the Competition Commission (the Commission); 18 of which are specialist economists working directly with the chief economist in the Economics Research Bureau.

Do you have a separate economics unit?

Yes. It is called the Economics Research Bureau. The unit is responsible for:

  • providing economic guidance and methodological assistance in complex cases, market inquiries and competition policy issues;
  • conducting economic research of a general economic nature, as well as studies related to the Commission’s work, such as impact assessments and scoping studies;
  • giving expert economic evidence in the Competition Tribunal of South Africa during case litigations; and
  • shaping competition policy framework through the drafting of guidelines, discussion papers and Initiating though provoking debates.

Do you have a chief economist?

Yes. The chief economist is James Hodge, who is also the executive manager of the Economics Research Bureau and a deputy commissioner.

To whom does the chief economist report?

The chief economist reports to Commissioner TembinkosiBonakele in his capacity as chief economist and to Minister Ebrahim Patel in his capacity as acting deputy commissioner.

Does the chief economist have the power to hire his or her own staff?

No. The chief economist together with a panel makes a recommendation to the Commissioner, who is the employer of all Commission staff.

How many of your economists have a PhD in industrial economics?

There is currently one economist with a PhD in industrial economics. Several other economists are also currently enrolled for a PhD in industrial economics.

Does the agency include a specialist economist on every case team? If not, why not?

No. Specialist economists will only be included in case teams that deal with complex economic issues.

Is the economics unit a ‘second pair of eyes’ during cases – is it one of the agency’s checks and balances? If not, why not?

The Economics Research Bureau is a stand-alone division. It provides economic guidance to the case teams throughout the duration of complex cases and market inquiries. The chief economist advises the commissioners on all cases, market enquiries and policy issues, and hence the chief economist is part of the Commission’s checks and balances’.

How much economics work is outsourced? What type of work is outsourced?

Economics work is only outsourced in limited circumstances where the internal resources have no capacity. This includes specialist economic work regarding the provision of expert economic evidence before the Competition Tribunal of South Africa, as well as, in market inquiries. No economic expert evidence work was outsourced in the past year.

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