Israel: Competition Authority
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Israel: Competition Authority

Israel: Competition Authority


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Israel: from the enforcer

Address: 4, Am V'Olamo, St., P.O.B. 34281, Jerusalem 9134102, Israel
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +972 2 5458000

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Israel: from the enforcer's competition economists

Address: 4 Am Veolamo St, Jerusalem, 9134102, Israel
Tel: +972 2 5458504
Fax: +972 2 5458555
Email: [email protected]


Michal Halperin
Director General

Oren Rigbi
Chief Economist and Director of Economic Department

Questions and answers

How many economists do you employ?


Do you have a separate economics unit, or ‘bureau’?

Yes. The Israel Competition Authority’s (ICA) Economics Department is comprised of 14 economists. It is responsible for providing economic assessment in relation to enforcement cases, such as unilateral conduct cases, non-cartel restrictive arrangements cases, as well as illegally consummated mergers and cases relating to concentration groups. In addition, in certain complex merger cases, economists from the Economics Department may join the assessment process. Economists working at the ICA are occasionally required to testify before the Competition Tribunal as economic experts. In addition, the Research Division of the Economics Department is dedicated to performing in-depth market studies of various industries with the goal of developing policy recommendations. In addition to the Economics Department, there are 13 economists in the Markets Department that are in charge, together with eight lawyers, of merger cases and advocating to government agencies and to the parliament on competition issues.

Do you have a chief economist?

Yes. The chief economist is also the director of the Economics Department

To whom does the chief economist report?

The chief economist reports to the general director of the ICA.

Does the chief economist have the power to hire his or her own staff?


How many economists have a PhD in industrial economics?

Three have PhDs in economics, one of which Is in industrial economics

Does the agency include a specialist economist on every case team? If not, why not?

The agency includes at least one economist on every administrative case team.

How much economics work is outsourced? What type of work is outsourced?

The ICA does not outsource economics work.

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