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Europe, Middle East And Africa Antitrust Review 2020

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GCR’s Europe, Middle East and Africa Antitrust Review 2020 is one of a series of regional reviews that deliver specialist intelligence and research to our readers – general counsel, government agencies and private practitioners – who must navigate the world’s increasingly complex competition regimes. Like its sister reports covering the Americas and the Asia-Pacific, this book provides an unparalleled annual update from competition enforcers and leading practitioners, on key developments in both public enforcement and private litigation. In addition to updates on the European Commission, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Norway, Romania, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, COMESA, Israel, Mauritius and Mozambique, this edition features a chapter on Angola, which launched its Competition Regulatory Authority in early 2019. In preparing this report, Global Competition Review has worked with leading competition lawyers and government officials. The latter group provides crucial perspective on the thinking behind cutting-edge matters such as the intersection of privacy, data and antitrust; ‘phygital’ retail distribution that combines brick-and-mortar with online sales; screening tools to detect collusion in public procurement; and much more.

The Asia-Pacific Antitrust Review 2019

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Complementing our news coverage, The Asia-Pacific Antitrust Review 2019 provides an in-depth and exclusive look at the region. Preeminent practitioners have written about antitrust issues in eight jurisdictions, as well as one regional overview for merger control. The edition includes updates to 16 chapters and adds two new ones – overviews of antitrust in Malaysia and Korea. The authors are unquestionably among the experts in their field within these jurisdictions and the region. The volume includes contributions from the chairs of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and Korea’s Fair Trade Commission, as well as the chief executive of Hong Kong’s Competition Commission. Other experts look at a range of topics, including cartels and mergers in India and Japan and abuse of dominance in India and China. This annual review expands each year, especially as the Asia-Pacific region gains even more importance in the global antitrust landscape. It has some of the world’s most developed enforcers – in Australia, Korea and Japan, for example – but it also has some of the world’s newest competition regimes, including in Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Americas Antitrust Review 2020

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The Americas Antitrust Review 2020 edition of Global Competition Review Insight is one of a series of books that also covers the Asia- Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Each book delivers specialist intelligence and research designed to help readers – in-house counsel, government agencies and private practitioners – successfully navigate the world’s increasingly complex competition regimes.

Global Competition Review has worked exclusively with the region’s leading competition practitioners, and it is their wealth of experience and knowledge – enabling them not only to explain law and policy, but also put it into context – that makes the report particularly valuable to anyone doing business in the Americas today.

The African and Middle Eastern Antitrust Review 2016

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Global Competition Review is delighted to publish the third edition of The African and Middle Eastern Antitrust Review, one in the series of annual special reports including The European Antitrust Review, The Antitrust Review of the Americas and The Asia-Pacific Antitrust Review that deliver specialist intelligence and research designed to help readers — general counsel, government agencies and private practice lawyers — successfully navigate the world's emerging and increasingly complex competition regimes.

The European Antitrust Review 2016

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The seventeenth annual edition covers Cartels & Leniency, Economics, Energy, IP & Antitrust, Merger Control, Pharmaceuticals, Technology and Telecoms in the EU. This section is followed by country specific overviews, where private practitioners discuss hot topics and developments in competition over the past year and government officials discuss priorities for the year ahead.



Global Competition Review's comprehensive how-to guides providing all the critical need-to-know information for the layman and experienced practitioner alike.

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Private Litigation Guide

Private competition litigation has spread across the globe, raising specific, complex questions in each jurisdiction. The implementation of the EU Damages Directive in the Member States has furthered the ability of victims of anticompetitive conduct to seek compensation, even as US courts tighten the standards for forming a class action.

The Private Litigation Guide – published by Global Competition Review – includes a section exploring in depth the key themes such as territoriality, causation and proof of damages, that are common to competition litigation around the world. Part 2 contains invaluable summaries of how competition litigation operates in individual jurisdictions, in an accessible question-and-answer manner. Beyond the established sites such as the US, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK, experts lay out the scene for competition litigation in countries such as China, Mexico and Israel.

As the editors of this publication note, ‘litigating antitrust or competition claims has become a global matter, requiring coordination among jurisdictions, and requiring counsel and clients to understand the rules and procedures in many different countries and how the approaches of courts differ as to key issues.’

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E-Commerce Competition Enforcement Guide - Second Edition

The growth in the digital economy powerfully drives competition, but also adds to the complexity of global antitrust enforcement. The second edition of the E-commerce Competition Enforcement Guide, edited by Claire Jeffs of Slaughter and May, looks at whether established competition tools are sufficient to deal with the challenges of the online world. Drawing on the collective wisdom and expertise of more than 40 distinguished experts from 14 firms and seven competition authorities, the Guide provides insight on the differing approaches adopted by enforcement agencies and whether a balance is being struck between maintaining a vigilant approach to the digital economy and allowing competition to flourish.

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Merger Remedies Guide - Second Edition

Successfully remedying the potential anticompetitive effects of a merger can be more of an art than a science. Not only is every deal specific, but, as noted in the introduction, every remedy contains an element of ‘crystal ball-gazing’; enforcers must look into the future and successfully predict outcomes.

As such, practical guidance for both practitioners and regulators in navigating this challenging environment is critical. This second edition of the Merger Remedies Guide  – published by Global Competition Review – provides such detailed guidance and analysis. It examines remedies throughout their life cycle: from the fundamental principles; to the remedies available; through how remedies are structured and implemented; to how enforcers ensure compliance. Insights from around the world, ranging from Brazil to China, supplement the global analysis to inform the reality of multi-jurisdictional deals.

The Guide draws not only on the wisdom and expertise of 46 distinguished practitioners from 18 firms, but also the perspective of current and former enforcers Pablo Trevisán, Daniel Ducore and Diana Moss. It brings together unparalleled proficiency in the field and provides essential guidance for all competition professionals.

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The Guide to Energy Market Manipulation

The Guide to Energy Market Manipulation is the first of its kind in surveying a new and complex form of regulation that applies to one of the most important industry sectors in the world.