Topic: Information exchange

UK tribunal upholds CMA pharma collusion fine

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has confirmed the Competition and Markets Authority’s finding that Lexon colluded with rival drug suppliers to keep up prices of an antidepressant sold to the National Health Service.

26 February 2021

Judge rejects request for full exclusion of certain evidence in rail freight case

A 40-year-old law designed to foster competition in the rail industry does not broadly protect certain discussions from antitrust scrutiny, a federal court in Washington, DC, has ruled.

23 February 2021

Finland proposes fining property management cartel

Finland's competition watchdog has asked the country's Market Court to fine six property management companies and the Finnish Real Estate Management Federation a total of €22 million for price fixing.

11 February 2021

Kenya proposes easing cooperation rules

Kenya’s antitrust watchdog plans to allow competitor collaborations in certain “economic priority sectors” over the next two years to help spearhead post-covid-19 economic recovery.

04 February 2021

Germany fines more metal forgers for information exchange

Germany's Federal Cartel Office has fined three steel forging companies and two of their employees a combined €35 million as part of a settlement for sharing information.

04 February 2021

Romania sanctions wood processing cartel

Romania’s antitrust watchdog has fined 31 logging companies a total of €26.6 million for rigging bids to purchase wood plots from the country’s national forest authority.

25 January 2021

Romania sanctions information exchange cartel

The Romanian antitrust watchdog has fined a finance association and 16 of its members a total of €8.47 million for exchanging commercially sensitive information.

15 January 2021

Spain shuts down multiple solid fuel cartels

Spain’s competition authority has fined six companies and five executives a total of €3.7 million for operating three separate cartels in the solid fuels sector.

14 January 2021

Court denies DOJ’s bid to block acquitted FX trader from using certain evidence

A New York federal judge has denied the Department of Justice’s request to block former Citigroup trader Rohan Ramchandani from using admitted trial exhibits in civil proceedings before another government agency.

11 January 2021

Germany fines aluminium cartel

Germany's Federal Cartel Office has fined five aluminium forging companies and 10 of their employees a total of €175 million for exchanging price information and encouraging each other to pass on costs to customers.

04 January 2021

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