Topic: Hub and spoke

Supermarkets hit with eighth hub-and-spoke infringement decision in Portugal

The Portuguese Competition Authority has fined three supermarket chains, a cosmetics manufacturer and one of its managers a total of €19.4 million in its latest hub-and-spoke decision involving the grocery sector, as Auchan continues to deny its role in the cartels.

21 June 2022

Portugal punishes Unilever in seventh hub-and-spoke decision

The Portuguese Competition Authority has fined consumer goods manufacturer Unilever and four supermarket chains a combined €132 million in its latest infringement decision involving hub-and-spoke arrangements in the retail sector, bringing the total fines to over €645 million.

09 June 2022

Illinois AG brings no-poach case against staffing companies

The attorney general of Illinois has accused a beauty products manufacturer of orchestrating an illegal hub-and-spoke no-poach conspiracy amongst six temporary staffing agencies.

07 June 2022

Peru fines supermarkets for fixing turkey prices over Christmas

Peru’s competition authority has fined four supermarkets and a poultry supplier a combined €4.25 million, after they colluded to fix the price of whole turkeys sold over the Christmas period for seven years.

27 April 2022

Portugal hits grocery sector with more hub-and-spoke fines

The Portuguese Competition Authority has fined four supermarket chains, a soft drink supplier and two of the latter’s managers over €79 million in its latest decision to punish a hub-and-spoke arrangement in the retail food and drink sector.

31 March 2022

Portugal ends hub-and-spoke retail probes with final SO

The Portuguese Competition Authority has issued its tenth and final hub-and-spoke chargesheet against supermarkets, this time alleging that Modelo Continente, Pingo Doce and Auchan aligned prices of personal care products through their supplier Johnson & Johnson.

28 March 2022

Portugal issues another round of grocery cartel fines

The Portuguese Competition Authority has fined five supermarkets and a wine supplier €17.2 million for operating a hub-and-spoke cartel, as the agency continues its sprawling investigation into the country’s grocery sector.

20 December 2021

Portugal issues fourth hub-and-spoke cartel fine

The Portuguese Competition Authority has fined baked goods supplier Bimbo Donuts and three leading supermarket chains a total of €24 million for operating an 11-year hub-and-spoke cartel that fixed prices.

18 November 2021

Portugal sends more supermarkets hub-and-spoke SOs

The Portuguese Competition Authority has sent another statement of objections to four of the country’s main supermarket chains in its sprawling cartel investigation into the grocery sector.

05 November 2021

Portugal hands down more hub-and-spoke fines

The Portuguese Competition Authority has doled out €93 million in fines to brewer Super Bock and four major supermarkets for operating a 13-year hub-and-spoke cartel that fixed retail prices of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks.

04 November 2021

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