Work Area: Healthcare

Brazil challenges health insurance merger over duopoly concerns

Brazil’s competition authority has asked its administrative tribunal to block Hapvida's purchase of rival Smile, less than a year after prohibiting another attempted acquisition by the health insurance provider.

25 November 2022

Botswanian court allows abuse of dominance probe to continue

The High Court of Botswana has paved the way for the country’s antitrust authority to resume an abuse of dominance investigation into a medical aid society, ruling that the latter is a commercial body that must comply with competition rules.

22 November 2022

Spain fines drugmaker over €10 million for excessive pricing

Spain’s competition authority has become the latest enforcer to fine Leadiant Biosciences for abusing its dominance by overcharging its national health system for an orphan drug used to treat a rare metabolic disease.

15 November 2022

A Q&A with Robin Feldman

Last month, four academics published a joint paper criticising the increasing levels of concentration in the pharmaceutical sector and raising concerns about how widespread industry practices like common ownership could impede proper merger reviews. GCR USA spoke with UC Hastings College of Law professor Robin Feldman, one of the study’s authors, about the implications of those findings.

11 November 2022

Study finds significant sharing of leadership in life sciences industry

Last month, the Department of Justice revived its enforcement of rules that restrict directors from serving on the boards of rival companies. GCR USA spoke with Stanford University professor Mark Lemley, who says a study he recently published shows that the Antitrust Division’s interventions have merely scratched the surface when it comes to interlocking directorates in the pharmaceuticals sector.

04 November 2022

Fifth Circuit declines to revive hospital threat-and-accession claims

A former Louisiana State University hospital affiliate failed to allege that Willis-Knighton Medical Center exploited the university’s financial instability to anticompetitive ends, a federal appellate court has ruled.

21 September 2022

Judge questions if DOJ met burden in UnitedHealth challenge

The judge presiding over the Department of Justice’s challenge to UnitedHealth’s acquisition of Change Healthcare has prodded the Antitrust Division over whether it showed the deal would substantially reduce competition.

09 September 2022

Portugal issues record gun-jumping fine

The Portuguese Competition Authority has imposed its highest-ever sanction on a company for gun jumping, fining a major charity €2.5 million for failing to notify its acquisition of control over a national Red Cross hospital.

08 September 2022

DOJ to secure first no-poach plea

A former healthcare staffing company plans to plead guilty to its role in a conspiracy to allocate school nurses, which would mark the Department of Justice’s first successful criminal no-poach prosecution.

06 September 2022

Illumina beats FTC before ALJ

Illumina’s proposed acquisition of cancer-screening company Grail would not violate US antitrust law, the Federal Trade Commission’s administrative law judge has ruled.

02 September 2022

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