Topic: Gun-jumping

Report shows Kenyan enforcer is “flexing its muscles”

The Competition Authority of Kenya has released its annual report, revealing details of several previously unpublished probes and a gun-jumping fine.

19 February 2019

Australian court hands out gun-jumping fine

An Australian biotechnology company must pay a A$1.05 million (€660,387) penalty for signing an agreement to direct its customers to the company that was purchasing some of its assets before the deal actually completed, the country’s Federal Court has held.

13 February 2019

Broadcaster deal required notification, South African enforcer says

South Africa’s specialist antitrust tribunal should reprimand the country’s public broadcaster and pay-TV provider MultiChoice for failing to notify an agreement that restricted the encryption of free to air channels, the country’s competition enforcer has said.

12 November 2018

Gun-jumping was reasonable, counsel to Electro Rent argues

The decision to fine Electro Rent, for terminating a lease while the UK competition enforcer was still assessing possible remedies on its proposed acquisition of a competitor, is “an abject failure of reasoning”, counsel to Electro Rent has argued.

24 October 2018

Court upholds Chile’s first gun-jumping fine

Chile’s specialist competition tribunal has signed off on a settlement that resolves allegations of gun-jumping against meatpacking companies Minerva and JBS.

02 August 2018

Australia pursues first gun-jumping court action

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has begun court proceedings against two stem cell storage companies for allegedly violating the country’s cartel and gun-jumping laws, after one company assumed responsibility for the other’s customer services before it completed the purchase of the other’s assets.

12 July 2018

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