Topic: Gun-jumping

Ukrainian enforcer issues temporary merger control guidance

Ukraine’s antitrust watchdog has issued new guidance on its merger control procedures, following the implementation of martial law due to Russia’s invasion of the country in February.

05 April 2022

China hits Alibaba and Tencent with more gun-jumping fines

China’s competition authority has issued maximum fines against Tencent, Alibaba and several other technology companies for failing to notify nearly a dozen deals since 2017.

05 January 2022

India revokes deal approval for first time, imposes record gun-jumping fine on Amazon

The Competition Commission of India has fined Amazon €23.6 million and suspended its approval of the retail giant’s 49% investment in Future Coupons after finding the company deliberately hid facts about the transaction to secure clearance.

20 December 2021

China issues swathe of gun-jumping fines to Alibaba and Tencent

China’s State Administration for Market Regulation has issued maximum fines to Alibaba, Tencent and several other large technology companies for failing to report 43 transactions over the past eight years.

22 November 2021

Judge promises “tight leash” on discovery in ACCC merger challenge

The judge presiding over the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s application for a permanent injunction to block a proposed tie-up between two IVF providers has said he will “keep a very tight leash” on the authority’s discovery requests.

11 November 2021

Ecuador issues largest-ever gun-jumping fine

Ecuador’s competition authority has fined the conglomerate Sia Products over €2 million for failing to notify the establishment of a new trust that gave it majority control over a paper products maker, marking the largest sanction the enforcer has ever imposed for gun-jumping.

08 November 2021

EU hits Illumina/Grail with interim measures

The European Commission has ordered Illumina and Grail to keep their businesses separate to prevent “irreparable” damage to competition after the companies completed their deal in the middle of the enforcer’s in-depth review.

29 October 2021

Australia seeks court injunction to halt fertility clinic deal

Australia’s competition watchdog has urged the country’s Federal Court to issue an interim injunction against two IVF providers, after the companies said they would close their proposed merger before the enforcer completed its deal review.

13 October 2021

EU court upholds largest-ever gun-jumping fine

The EU’s General Court has confirmed the European Commission was correct to fine Altice for gun-jumping but reduced the record-breaking penalty by €6.2 million after finding that the company took steps to inform the enforcer about the deal before it was formally notified.

22 September 2021

First-ever merger fine signals new era for COMESA

COMESA’s Competition Commission has issued its first-ever merger-related fine on two telecommunications companies for gun-jumping, which observers say marks the “dawn of a new era” for antitrust enforcement in the region.

09 September 2021

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