Topic: Gun-jumping

Gazprom faces potential €50 million obstruction fine

Poland’s competition authority has threatened to fine Gazprom for failing to cooperate during a controversial gun-jumping probe related to an unnotified finance agreement for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project.

03 June 2020

Norway issues gun-jumping fine

The Norwegian Competition Authority has fined an energy company €1.3 million for failing to notify its lease of a petrol station, although its lawyers said the company was unaware that the agreement was caught by the country’s merger regime.

12 May 2020

Mexico hits SoftBank/WeWork with gun-jumping penalty

Mexico’s antitrust enforcer has fined SoftBank and WeWork for failing to notify their deal but cleared the acquisition as it poses no risk to competition.

29 April 2020

ECJ rejects Marine Harvest gun-jumping appeal

The European Commission was correct to impose separate fines on a seafood company for failing to notify a deal and for implementing that deal without approval, the EU’s highest court has ruled.

04 March 2020

CADE hits IBM/Red Hat with record gun-jumping penalty

IBM and Red Hat have agreed to pay Brazil’s antitrust watchdog €12.4 million for gun jumping – the highest gun-jumping settlement the enforcer has ever issued.

12 December 2019

European enforcers go after Agrokor and its successor for gun-jumping

Slovenia's competition authority has imposed a €53 million fine on Agrokor for failing to notify its 2016 acquisition of Ardeya Global, while Serbia’s competition enforcer is investigating Agrokor’s successor for gun-jumping.

15 October 2019

AG Tanchev: Marine Harvest fine violated international law

The European Commission cannot fine a company both for failing to notify the enforcer of a deal and for implementing that deal without the enforcer’s approval, an advocate general at the European Court of Justice has said.

26 September 2019

PayPal hit with gun-jumping fine over iZettle deal

The UK’s competition authority has fined PayPal £250,000 for unintentionally contacting UK-based customers about its acquisition of rival fintech iZettle during the enforcer’s merger review.

25 September 2019

Norway proposes €2 million gun-jumping fine

Norway’s competition authority has issued a statement of objections to a national supermarket chain for gun jumping, with the enforcer looking at fines of €2 million.

17 July 2019

Petrol company fined for gun-jumping

Circle K has paid a €803,724 fine for failing to notify Denmark’s competition authority that it acquired 72 service stations in 2016.

02 July 2019

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