Global Competition Review is delighted to publish the fourth edition of The Handbook of Trade Enforcement.

The aim of this handbook is to aid corporations to assess the international trade issues involved when doing business, whether it be in the EU, North America, South America, Asia-Pacific or Africa. It outlines the legal and regulatory framework of international and national trading issues, and describes and comments on the major trading blocs and countries. This book also provides full contact details for 27 countries and 14 blocs, together, in some cases, with charts showing their structure and a Q&A explaining their funding and powers.

Much of the information has been provided by the agencies themselves and by a panel of specialist local contributors and we are, as ever, grateful for all their cooperation.

The Handbook of Trade Enforcement is one of 10 special reports that Global Competition Review subscribers receive, including The Handbook of Competition Enforcement Agencies and The Handbook of Competition Economics. They also receive 10 issues of the magazine a year, including the two special survey issues 'Rating Enforcement' and 'The GCR 100'.

We trust you will find this handbook a valuable addition to your library.

We would like to thank all those who have worked on the research and production of this publication.

The information listed is correct as of May 2010.

Global Competition Review


May 2010

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