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Booze cruise: The Tipline for 22 June 2021

GCR USA - 22 June 2021

The first intercollegiate competition, believed to be a boat race between students at Harvard and Yale, rewarded the winning team with a free vacation and unlimited alcohol. With the Supreme Court finding that the NCAA cannot limit education-related benefits, student athletes can now be compensated with studying abroad and – just maybe – a culinary wine class at a vocational school.

Louisiana wants in: The Tipline for 21 June 2021

GCR USA - 21 June 2021

Louisiana is the latest state to request to join the Texas-led coalition suing Google for allegedly using a series of anticompetitive tactics to cement and maintain its dominance over online advertising. Meanwhile, Ohio has asked a court to split its own lawsuit against the search engine operator, as a group of shop owners accuse Visa and Mastercard of horizontal price-fixing and the Federal Trade Commission seeks more time to prepare its petition for a rehearing of 1-800 Contacts.

Happy birthday, Philadelphia National Bank: The Tipline for 17 June 2021

GCR USA - 16 June 2021

On this day in 1963, the Supreme Court held in US v Philadelphia National Bank that a merger leading to market shares of at least 30% should be presumed anticompetitive. Fifty-eight years later, the Department of Justice has challenged a transaction – Aon’s $30 billion purchase of Willis Towers Watson – alleging that the combined market share of the two companies exceeds 40% in each of the five relevant markets described in its complaint.

Khan you keep up?: The Tipline for 16 June 2021

GCR USA - 15 June 2021

Lina Khan moves fast. Within four years of graduating law school, she helped churn out a high-profile Congressional probe into competition in digital markets, taught antitrust at Columbia Law School and earned a nomination to the Federal Trade Commission. As the youngest chair in commission history, Khan drags in a to-do list long enough to stretch across Pennslyvania Avenue and ambitious enough to make your clients’ blood pressure spike. Can any of us keep up the pace?

Show your hand: The Tipline for 15 June 2021

GCR USA - 15 June 2021

Senator Mike Lee has joined in on the antitrust legislative action, introducing 81 pages of reform on Monday afternoon. The Utah Republican’s bill includes proposals that are likely to be contentious – consolidating the two US antitrust agencies – and proposals that could attract bipartisan support – permitting the government to recoup trebled damages on behalf of consumers. There is no telling where all of this legislation will go, but at least everyone’s cards are now on the table.

Cheeseheads: The Tipline for 14 June 2021

GCR USA - 14 June 2021

In recent months, the top news in the Packers’ world has been whether reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers will still be throwing touchdowns in Green Bay next season. That was before the US Department of Agriculture announced on Friday that it is working on three rules to strengthen the Packers and Stockyards Act. It seems Rodgers may have made the wrong choice when choosing football over law school.

On the house: The Tipline for 11 June 2021

GCR USA - 11 June 2021

Two years ago today, the House of Representatives antitrust subcommittee kicked off its digital markets probe with a hearing mulling immunity for news publishers. One of the leading attorneys working on that probe just took a step closer to becoming a member of the Federal Trade Commission. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer filed cloture on the nomination of Lina Khan on Thursday, setting up the possibility of a confirmation vote next week.

Give me five: The Tipline for 10 June 2021

GCR USA - 10 June 2021

House Democrats are circulating a quintet of antitrust bills on Capitol Hill, covering everything from “conflicts of interest” and self-preferencing on certain digital platforms to increased funding for the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice’s antitrust division. The Wall Street Journal reports that the legislation is still in draft form and subject to revisions.

Cutting through duct tape: The Tipline for 9 June 2021

GCR USA - 09 June 2021

The Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice’s antitrust division are each one step closer to a $67 million payday after the Senate passed the Merger Filing Fee Modernization Act on Tuesday. The legislation will require companies participating in mergers worth more than $1 billion to pay higher filing fees directly into the pockets of the watchdogs reviewing the deals. Senator Amy Klobuchar, a co-sponsor of the bill, celebrated what she called a necessary step in levelling the playing field. “You just cannot take on the biggest companies in the world with duct tape and Band-Aids,” she said.

Bennifer 3.0: The Tipline for 8 June 2021

GCR USA - 08 June 2021

Staples wants to be the next Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez by getting one more shot with Office Depot. But Office Depot may not be as willing to rekindle the romance as J Lo and Ben. Like the famous crashing and burning of the first Bennifer relationship back in 2004, Staples/Office Depot has also gone through its fair share of drama.

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