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Cool story, bro: The Tipline for 17 January 2022

GCR USA - 17 January 2022

Enforcement out of the nation’s capital has dominated the antitrust news cycle of late, but the states want you to know they are still very much in the picture. Hours after triumphantly declaring that Martin Shkreli is “Pharma Bro No More”, New York attorney general Letitia James hit send on the states’ appeal to revive its Facebook case. GCR USA is off today in celebration of the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr and will be back in your inboxes on Wednesday.

Fixer-upper: The Tipline for 14 January 2022

GCR USA - 14 January 2022

The Senate’s nondiscrimination legislation is written in pencil, not pen. “It needs some work,” said Senator Mark Warner, one of the bill’s co-sponsors, earlier this week. “It’s not perfect by any means.” The markup of that bill will have to wait until later this month as judicial nominees stole the attention of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday.

Panacea: The Tipline for 13 January 2022

GCR USA - 13 January 2022

Critics of the progressive antitrust movement frequently complain it views competition as a magic pill for all of society’s problems. They say they got another example last month when the White House began endorsing its antitrust agenda as a potential treatment for soaring inflation. A survey of academics published on Wednesday suggests the mainstream economic community is quite sceptical that antitrust is going to help.

Fair catch: The Tipline for 12 January 2022

GCR USA - 12 January 2022

Since 2017, no team in the National Football League has lost more games than the New York Giants. Fed up with a measly four wins in 2021, the franchise fired its head coach on Tuesday. The team is now looking to turn things around – and has hired a long-time antitrust lawyer to do it. In other sports news, a putative class of minor leaguers has taken a swing at baseball’s antitrust exemption and a rival has thrown World Wrestling Entertainment into the ring.

Elite fees: The Tipline for 11 January 2022

GCR USA - 11 January 2022

In 1992, annual tuition fees at an Ivy League university were just under $15,000. Today, that has shot up to well over $50,000. Students already struggling under the weight of those fees are now claiming they’ve been shafted by an additional antitrust hurdle. In a new class action, they accuse 16 private elite US universities including Brown, Georgetown and Yale of conspiring to reduce the amount of financial aid they provide to admitted students.

True competition: The Tipline for 10 January 2022

GCR USA - 10 January 2022

The Los Angeles Chargers and Las Vegas Raiders had good reason to collude during their primetime matchup last night. The winner was guaranteed a spot in the playoffs while the loser would see their season end. However, both teams would have advanced in the event of a tie. With the score tied at 29 at the end of regulation, the two teams could have conspired to run out the clock. Perhaps worried that Jonathan Kanter might be watching, the Raiders kicked a game-winning field goal in the final seconds.

Inflation nation: The Tipline for 7 January 2022

GCR USA - 07 January 2022

The pain of inflation is being felt beyond the gas pump and the grocery aisles. The Federal Trade Commission’s maximum fines increased 6.2% this year due to the decline in currency value. So the next time you take out an extra quarter for that carton of eggs, take solace in knowing the deterrent effect of the FTC’s civil fining authority just got a little stronger.

Stand or fall: The Tipline for 6 January 2022

GCR USA - 06 January 2022

Some antitrust plaintiffs are facing judicial opposition when it comes to getting their cases off the ground. In today’s Tipline, a company accusing Visa of illegally monopolising debit card transactions says the presiding judge has disdain for antitrust claimants. Ticket purchasers have also launched a fresh batch of claims against Live Nation and Ticketmaster, while a federal appellate court has declared the sellers of a healthcare company lack standing to bring their Clayton Act claims.

Alvaro Twist: The Tipline for 5 January 2021

GCR USA - 05 January 2022

Please, sir, I want some more antitrust. President Biden has discussed competition more than any president in recent memory, but it is Senate-confirmed agency heads that enforce the antitrust laws. Implementing a Democratic majority at the Federal Trade Commission has apparently required more political capital than the administration has been willing to spare thus far – hence the renomination of Alvaro Bedoya on Tuesday.

Making ends meat: The Tipline for 4 January 2022

GCR USA - 04 January 2022

The US banking and automobile industries were too big to fail. The solution? Billions of dollars in taxpayer-funded bailouts. The Biden Administration now says the meat processing industry has gotten too big, failing both farmers and carnivorous Americans. Uncle Sam is once again reaching into the piggy bank for answers – this time hoping to play venture capitalist.

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