Willy Wonka & the Sherman Act: The Tipline for 14 July 2023

Warner Bros dropped their first trailer for a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory prequel this week and it seems the Neo-Brandesians took a go at the script. A young Willy Wonka is eager to introduce his quirky candies to the world but “The Chocolate Cartel” is standing in his way, with what appears to be an illegal boycott. What is Timothée Chalamet’s character to do? Should he encourage one of the cartellists to seek out corporate leniency or pursue treble damages on his own? Perhaps the Department of Justice will know. The agency is well-versed in cases involving sweet things, but recently suffered a sour outcome in US Sugar/Imperial Sugar. Also in Tipline, PGA Tour and LIV Golf abandon what appear to be no-poach provisions and the FTC asks for Microsoft/Activision to be paused as it appeals.

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