The Endo of an era: The Tipline for 19 August 2022

Endo Pharmaceuticals filed for bankruptcy on Tuesday so it could start a “pathway to closure” on the lawsuits alleging it played a central role in the US opioid crisis, which the drugmaker’s chief executive said it has been defending “at an unsustainable cost”. But the procedure also gets Endo and its many subsidiaries out of a host of antitrust battles – at least for now. On Wednesday, the drugmaker filed notices of suspension in cases involving the Federal Trade Commission’s pay-for-delay allegations, the Generic Pharmaceuticals Pricing antitrust litigation, the Xyrem antitrust litigation and the Opana ER antitrust litigation. Also in Tipline, an Activision executive must testify in Epic Games’ claims against Google and the Department of Justice insists trial can start next month in its latest criminal antitrust case.

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