Pity the fool: The Tipline for 1 April 2019

Renata Hesse, a former acting head of the Department of Justice’s antitrust division, was one of the questioners at the enforcers roundtable that concluded the American Bar Association’s antitrust spring meeting on Friday. And Margrethe Vestager, European commissioner of competition, was one of the enforcers. This was understood to be Vestager’s last time at the roundtable; her term ends in November, and she is campaigning to become the next president of the European Commission. Vestager said she had been trying to humanise competition law by knitting and gave Hesse one of her famous knitted elephants: red-white-and-blue for the US, with gold stars to symbolise the EU. While in Washington, DC, Vestager met with US attorney general William Barr and antitrust boss Makan Delrahim last week to discuss antitrust law in the digital economy. And while we can’t promise that you won’t find a whoopee cushion at your desk today, this edition of Tipline is guaranteed to be free of any April Fool’s shenanigans.

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