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ACCC seeks to intervene in Epic/Apple fight

Australia’s competition watchdog has sought permission to weigh in during Epic Games’ appeal against a decision by the country’s Federal Court to stay its monopolisation lawsuit against Apple.

10 May 2021

Apple pushes back on criticism of app review process

Apple’s marketing manager has said he takes offence to Epic Games’ claim that the company’s app review process is a sham designed to protect Apple’s monopoly.

10 May 2021

Texas and Google divided over case timeline

The State of Texas and Google have warned a Texas federal court that accepting their opponent’s proposed trial dates would give the other an unfair advantage, after each party suggested hearing dates that differ by nearly 18 months.

07 May 2021

Apple executive defends App Store in fourth day of trial

Apple’s top App Store executive has attempted to fend off attacks against the platform, while also stating that he was unaware of a plan to lock consumers into the company’s ecosystem – a central part of Epic Games’ monopolisation lawsuit against the iPhone-maker.

07 May 2021

Microsoft says Xbox does not compete for mobile gamers

Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, does not compete with gaming consoles over video game sales, a Microsoft executive has told a California federal court hearing Epic Games’ monopolisation case against Apple.

06 May 2021

Judge questions Epic about ‘Plan B’ if equitable relief is denied

The federal judge presiding over Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple has asked Epic's chief executive Tim Sweeney about his backup plan if she rules in favour of the iPhone-maker.

05 May 2021

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