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24 June 2022

FTC Dems warn ITC against hold-out patent punishment

The Federal Trade Commission’s chair and one of its commissioners are cautioning the US International Trade Commission against banning the import of devices that might have infringed upon Philips’ standardised cellular technology.

18 May 2022

EU lawmakers propose tougher sanctions regime under DMA

An EU parliamentary committee has approved an amended draft version of the Digital Markets Act ahead of a full vote next month, upping the thresholds that govern whether an online platform will be caught by the rules but increasing the maximum fines for an infringement.

23 November 2021

Fifth Circuit split over Continental’s FRAND suit

The US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit appears to be divided over whether Continental Automotive Systems has adequately alleged members of a patent pool violated federal antitrust law by refusing to license their standardised technology on fair terms.

08 October 2021

Dolby sanctioned in Korea for breach of patent obligations

Korea’s competition authority has fined Dolby Laboratories nearly €200,000 for abusing its superior bargaining position by restricting access to its essential patented technology during a dispute with a local set-top box manufacturer.

13 August 2021

Powers: DOJ developing “balanced” stance on intellectual property

The Department of Justice is developing a new “balanced” policy for the intersection of intellectual property and competition, the acting head of the Antitrust Division has said.

04 June 2021

Daimler and Nokia settle patent licensing dispute

Daimler has agreed to pay Nokia to use the latter’s standard-essential patents in its car technologies, ending a high-profile dispute between the two companies that included an antitrust complaint to the European Commission and a referral to the European Court of Justice.

01 June 2021

DOJ appears to walk back Delrahim’s IEEE business review letter

The Department of Justice’s antitrust division has side-lined a controversial conduct review letter that the Trump administration issued to a standard-setting organisation, in a sign that the agency might be willing to adjust its approach to intellectual property issues.

15 April 2021

IEEE reviews patent policies as SEP-holders challenge accreditation

A standard-setting organisation has said it is reviewing patent policy changes that the Department of Justice’s antitrust division asked it to reconsider last year.

05 March 2021

Facebook and Google diverge on Australian news law

Facebook has blocked its Australian users from sharing or viewing news content in response to the country’s proposed pay-for-news law, on the same day that Google came to a compensation agreement with media conglomerate News Corp.

18 February 2021

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