Topic: Follow-on claims

DAF clashes with claimants over expert evidence

The UK's Competition Appeal Tribunal has thrown out a request by truck maker DAF seeking permission to rely on new additional economic analysis to establish whether Royal Mail and BT passed on the alleged loss they claim they suffered from the Trucks cartel.

01 March 2021

Dutch court can hear Greek brewery’s damages claim against Heineken

A Dutch appeals court has overturned a lower court’s ruling that found it does not have jurisdiction over a Greek brewery’s competition damages claim against Heineken and its Greek subsidiary.

25 February 2021

Banks can argue pass on in forex claims, UK court rules

A UK court has confirmed that seven banks accused of colluding to manipulate the market for foreign exchange transactions can argue in their defence that claimant investment funds were able to pass on their losses to their investors.

25 February 2021

UK forex claimants passed on loss through tax savings, banks argue

Banks accused of rigging foreign exchange rates should be able to argue that claimant investment and pension funds passed on their alleged loss because they may have paid less tax, counsel to the banks has said.

17 February 2021

UK forex claimants passed on losses, banks argue

Claimant funds seeking damages from seven banks accused of rigging foreign exchange rates should not be allowed to recover on behalf of former shareholders, the banks’ counsel has argued.

16 February 2021

UK forex claimants attempt to strike out pass-on arguments

Several banks that colluded to rig foreign exchange rates should not be allowed to argue that investment and pension funds seeking damages as a result of the cartel were able to pass on their alleged losses to their investors, counsel to the claimant funds has argued.

15 February 2021

Interchange fee dispute reveals flaws in CAT rules

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal is preparing to reform its procedural rules for the first time since 2015, its president has said.

11 February 2021

Merricks to argue deceased consumers should be included in Mastercard claim

Walter Merricks' counsel will argue at a class certification hearing next month that consumers who allegedly suffered loss as a result of Mastercard’s illegal interchange fees but have since died should be included in his class action claim.

05 February 2021

DAF challenges funding in UK trucks claims

The funding agreements used to fuel two separate class actions seeking damages from the EU trucks cartel do not comply with UK law, DAF has argued before a UK appellate court.

26 January 2021

UK tribunal sets date for first-ever carriage dispute hearing

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal will hold a hearing in July to determine which of two competing Forex opt-out class actions should proceed to trial, marking the first time it presides over a so-called carriage dispute.

15 January 2021

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