Topic: Follow-on claims

Mastercard and Merricks squabble over class definition

Walter Merricks has asked the UK’s specialist competition tribunal to expand his class action against Mastercard to include representatives of people who had a valid claim for damages but died in the five years since the case began.

14 January 2022

Chip cartelists argue limitation defence in UK follow-on damages claim

Two members of the smart card chip cartel have told a UK court that Gemalto’s follow-on claim against them is time-barred because the technology company could have launched a damages action well before the European Commission issued its infringement decision.

13 January 2022

UK court rejects NTN’s mitigation defence post-settlement

A UK appellate court has dismissed NTN’s claim that Fiat Chrysler mitigated any loss it suffered as a result of the ball bearings cartel, two days after the case was withdrawn because the companies settled the car maker's £80 million follow-on damages claim.

13 January 2022

Goldman Sachs settles power cables damages claim with former subsidiary

Prysmian has settled contributory claimant proceedings against its former parent company Goldman Sachs, over a year after it settled the original claims brought against it by National Grid and Scottish Power for its role in the EU power cables cartel.

10 January 2022

Fiat Chrysler settles final ball bearings cartel claim

Fiat Chrysler has settled its £80 million antitrust damages claim against NTN, bringing an end to its UK follow-on litigation against members of the EU ball bearings cartel.

07 January 2022

Canadian judge deems class action well-baked

A Toronto court has certified two classes of packaged bread purchasers that accuse Canada’s top food producers and retailers of participating in a 16-year price-fixing conspiracy – but stopped short of certifying any umbrella purchasers.

04 January 2022

A Q&A with Michael Hausfeld

Michael Hausfeld stepped down as chair of the firm he founded on 1 January but he continues to be involved through his new role as chair emeritus. GCR USA spoke to Hausfeld about challenges facing claimant firms, his career and what he is looking forward to doing next.

04 January 2022

Mitigation ruling will have consequences for future cartel defendants, NTN argues

A member of the EU ball bearings cartel has argued that it will be almost “hopeless” for other defendants to use a mitigation argument if a UK appellate court strikes out its own such defence in a €100 million follow-on damages claim brought by Fiat-Chrysler.

14 December 2021

Investment funds seek to overturn banks’ pass on defence in UK forex claim

A group of investment and pension funds have argued that a UK court incorrectly went against established legal precedent when ruling that banks accused of illegally colluding to manipulate foreign-exchange rates can claim that the funds passed on losses from the conduct to investors.

08 December 2021

Roll-on, roll-off cartelists dispute viability of UK class action

Members of the roll-on, roll-off shipping cartel have urged the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal to reject a £150 million proposed class action against them because the class representative’s suggested methodology “cannot establish loss at all”.

30 November 2021

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