Topic: Federal Trade Commission

FTC challenges Illumina’s purchase of cancer test manufacturer

Illumina’s proposed $8 billion acquisition of Grail could give it sole control over the market for certain cancer-screening tests, the Federal Trade Commission has alleged in a lawsuit seeking to block the merger.

31 March 2021

FTC “dusting off” old tools as SCOTUS reviews disgorgement authority, Slaughter says

Rebecca Kelly Slaughter has said the agency is already “dusting off tools that we haven’t used for a long time” – such as its ability to impose civil fines – in case the Supreme Court rules that the agency cannot seek monetary relief for consumers.

29 March 2021

Slaughter launches FTC rulemaking group

The Federal Trade Commission is forming a new group intended to “activate” its competition rulemaking authority, acting chair Rebecca Kelly Slaughter has said.

26 March 2021

FTC official: New vertical merger guidelines “a giant step forward” despite criticism

Despite diverging views on the antitrust agencies’ new vertical merger guidelines, they “are a giant step forward from the prior guidance” issued in 1984 and will remain in effect until they are rescinded or replaced, a Federal Trade Commission official has said.

26 March 2021

FTC probing new enforcement theories with healthcare mergers study

The Federal Trade Commission is searching for competitive harm beyond its traditional enforcement strategy in an ongoing study of healthcare facility consolidation, an official at the agency has said.

25 March 2021

FTC not backing down after Jefferson/Einstein loss, official says

The Federal Trade Commission’s recent failure to block the merger of two Philadelphia hospitals will not cause the agency to ease back, an official at the agency has said.

25 March 2021

Wilson: Qualcomm case should not lay foundation for removing FTC’s antitrust authority

Federal Trade Commission member Christine Wilson has said the circumstances around the agency’s Qualcomm case are “incredibly unique” and the matter should not form the basis for changing the structure of US antitrust enforcement.

22 March 2021

Phillips: Facebook “no” vote goes to the integrity of merger review process

Federal Trade Commission member Noah Phillips has said that he voted against the agency’s monopolisation case against Facebook because of how much time has passed since the company acquired Instagram and WhatsApp.

19 March 2021

Slaughter: Clearer bright-line rules “would absolutely prevent more mergers”

Rebecca Kelly Slaughter has expressed support for Congress adopting clearer standards for merger enforcement as members of the US House of Representatives’ antitrust subcommittee consider how to curb the power of dominant technology companies.

19 March 2021

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