Topic: Federal Trade Commission

Biden picks privacy expert to replace Chopra at FTC

President Joe Biden intends to nominate privacy expert Alvaro Bedoya to the Federal Trade Commission, the White House said on Monday.

14 September 2021

FTC likely to rescind 2020 vertical merger guidelines

The Federal Trade Commission is expected to withdraw its support for the 2020 vertical merger guidelines next week following criticism of the guidance from Democratic commissioners.

09 September 2021

Khan: FTC overhaul driven by consensus, not partisanship

Recent policy reforms at the Federal Trade Commission are driven by a common understanding past administrations have been far too cautious, agency chair Lina Khan has said.

08 September 2021

FTC isn’t sharing second request information with all commissioners, Wilson says

Federal Trade Commission member Christine Wilson has decried her agency’s transparency, complaining that she has been unable to obtain copies of second requests that the FTC sent to Thermo Fisher Scientific, PPD and Clarivate.

07 September 2021

Illumina and Grail seek to win over the court of public opinion

Illumina and Grail started squaring off with the Federal Trade Commission in court last week, but the companies have been waging a lobbying blitz against the agency's merger challenge since the spring.

02 September 2021

Khan calls on FTC to explore new ways to block gas station mergers

Federal Trade Commission chair Lina Khan has said she is directing staff to explore new ways to challenge mergers between retail gas outlets.

31 August 2021

Second Circuit rejects FTC request to rehear 1-800 Contacts

The US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has denied the Federal Trade Commission’s request for a rehearing of its case against 1-800 Contacts, which the agency had accused of illegally restraining competition for online search advertising.

27 August 2021

FTC: Illumina/Grail the equivalent of pursuing a single covid-19 vaccine

Illumina’s recently-closed acquisition of Grail risks eliminating all competition for developing a blood test to screen for more than 50 types of cancers, the Federal Trade Commission has argued.

25 August 2021

Has antitrust become too focused on output?

In a new paper, University of Miami School of Law professor John Newman says the most common critique of the “Chicago School of Antitrust” is all wrong. The former Department of Justice attorney argues the likes of Robert Bork and Richard Posner focused too heavily on defining antitrust harm as a reduction in output, rather than as an increase in prices. Newman spoke to GCR USA about how he sees this output “fallacy” dismantling the perception that modern antitrust law is designed to protect consumer welfare.

24 August 2021

FTC judge “dismayed” by number of Illumina/Grail objections

The administrative law judge at the Federal Trade Commission has told both sides in the agency’s trial to unwind the Illumina/Grail deal to stop objecting to each other’s expert witnesses and trial exhibits.

24 August 2021

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