Topic: Federal Trade Commission

FTC broadens the scope of its merger probes

The Federal Trade Commission has expanded the scope of questions it is asking merging parties during investigations to address potential “blind spots,” the head of the agency’s antitrust arm has said.

29 September 2021

Phillips: New merger “taxes” likely to harm smaller businesses

Recent changes in merger policy at the Federal Trade Commission are more likely to harm smaller companies than bigger ones, a Republican member has said.

28 September 2021

Former antitrust chiefs urge Senate to swiftly confirm Kanter

Nine former heads of the Department of Justice’s antitrust division have urged the Senate to quickly confirm the Biden administration’s nomination of Jonathan Kanter as assistant attorney general.

27 September 2021

Khan outlines sweeping agency vision in memo to staff

Federal Trade Commission chair Lina Khan has told career staff and her fellow commissioners that she intends to broaden the scope of the agency’s mission far beyond that of previous administrations.

24 September 2021

California requires healthcare providers to divest nursing facility

The State of California has ordered Providence Group and Plum Holdings to divest assets to address the alleged anticompetitive effects of their proposed tie-up, signalling that the state is prepared to flex its antitrust enforcement muscles.

22 September 2021

Wilson questions FTC’s future as a global leader

Federal Trade Commission member Christine Wilson has claimed that her agency’s apparent lack of interest in transparency could affect its influence worldwide.

22 September 2021

A Q&A with Carl Shapiro

University of California professor Carl Shapiro argues in a new paper that antitrust is broken. One of the US antitrust agencies’ go-to experts over the past decade, Shapiro says a better appreciation of economics is the cure but acknowledges Congress might be needed to deliver it.

17 September 2021

FTC withdraws approval of 2020 vertical merger guidelines

The Federal Trade Commission has voted three-to-two along party lines to rescind its approval of the 2020 vertical merger guidelines as both Republican commissioners voiced concerns about the lack of a replacement.

16 September 2021

FTC Democrats: Commission needs to examine merger reporting requirements

Democratic members of the Federal Trade Commission have said the agency’s study into past acquisitions by large technology companies shows why it should look into merger reporting requirements.

16 September 2021

Wilson cautions against competition rulemaking

Federal Trade Commission member Christine Wilson and former FTC official Daniel Francis have expressed apprehension about trying to use the agency’s rulemaking authority to address unfair methods of competition.

15 September 2021

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