Topic: Federal Trade Commission

FTC seeks injunction against P&G/Billie deal

The Federal Trade Commission has challenged Procter & Gamble’s acquisition of women’s razor startup Billie, alleging that the transaction would eliminate a nascent competitor in the US market.

09 December 2020

States, advocacy groups urge SCOTUS to protect FTC’s disgorgement authority

Eliminating the Federal Trade Commission’s ability to seek monetary relief will undermine its ability to deter anticompetitive conduct, multiple US states and advocacy groups have said.

08 December 2020

Wilson: It’s too early to say if US antitrust laws cannot police high-tech markets

Federal Trade Commission member Christine Wilson has said it is “premature” to conclude that the antitrust laws are not suited to preserving competition in high-tech markets.

08 December 2020

Louisiana real estate appraisers board will ask Supreme Court to resolve FTC dispute

Louisiana’s state board of real estate appraisers has said it will ask the Supreme Court to review its dispute with the Federal Trade Commission, which has accused the state regulator of restraining price competition for appraisal services.

07 December 2020

Facebook users turn House report, academic’s research into monopolisation case

A new lawsuit alleges that Facebook acquired and maintained monopolies over markets for social media and social networks by deceiving users about how much of their personal data it was tracking.

07 December 2020

FTC sues to block hospital merger in New Jersey

Hackensack Meridian Health’s proposed acquisition of rival Englewood Healthcare Foundation is likely to substantially harm competition for inpatient services in northern New Jersey, the Federal Trade Commission has said.

04 December 2020

Chopra suggests using “crown jewel” provisions to ensure consent decree compliance

The Federal Trade Commission should consider requiring merging parties to divest additional assets if they fail to comply with a settlement agreement, one of its members has said.

03 December 2020

Biden selects antitrust progressives as economic advisers

President-elect Joe Biden has selected two outspoken advocates for more aggressive antitrust enforcement to serve on his Council of Economic Advisers.

02 December 2020

A question of non-competition

President-elect Joe Biden has been an outspoken critic of employee non-compete agreements since the waning days of Obama administration. Advocates for a ban on these contract provisions are hopeful that change may be on the way.

25 November 2020

Wilson: Democratic dissents “provide a good roadmap” for future FTC expectations

Federal Trade Commission member Christine Wilson has said the dissents written by both Democratic commissioners during the past two or three years “provide a very good roadmap” of how the agency might function under a Democratic chair.

20 November 2020

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