Topic: Federal Trade Commission

Prior approval provisions in merger settlements will become more common, Khan says

Federal Trade Commission chair Lina Khan has said the agency will increasingly include prior approval provisions in merger settlements to help deter anticompetitive deals.

18 October 2021

Senate to introduce tweaked non-discrimination bill focused on tech platforms

A bipartisan group of senators plans to introduce legislation that would prohibit a select group of tech platforms from preferencing their own products and services in a way deemed harmful to competition.

15 October 2021

Shkreli seeks to delay December trial in FTC lawsuit

Martin Shkreli has asked a New York federal judge to postpone his monopolisation trial by at least four and a half months, after claiming that attending the proceeding in December could mean he has to spend an extra year in prison.

14 October 2021

Wilson decries FTC’s shifting merger policy

US Federal Trade Commission member Christine Wilson has said she is “dismayed” by aspects of her agency’s changing stance to merger control, which could soon leave regulatory lawyers “obsolete”.

08 October 2021

The Repeal of Hart-Scott-Rodino

Since Democrats took the reins at the Federal Trade Commission, they have made changes to the merger review process that have drawn criticism from their Republican colleagues. In an exclusive piece, Republican Commissioner Noah Phillips outlines his concerns about how the new processes could be undermining the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act, which guides US merger control.

06 October 2021

Facebook seeks to shut down FTC’s lawsuit once again

The Federal Trade Commission lacks the evidence and votes necessary to find Facebook liable for violating US antitrust law, the company has argued in support of its motion to dismiss the agency’s amended complaint.

05 October 2021

Powers stresses cooperation with FTC on merger enforcement

Acting assistant attorney general Richard Powers has emphasised that collaboration with the Federal Trade Commission is a top priority for the Antitrust Division as the FTC pushes ahead with a stricter approach to merger enforcement.

04 October 2021

Vestager calls for greater cooperation with US enforcers

EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager has called for enhanced cooperation between the European Commission and the US antitrust agencies, particularly as the two jurisdictions tackle similar emerging problems in the digital and pharmaceutical sectors.

01 October 2021

Wu: US antitrust policy too reliant on law enforcement

Competition policy in the US stands out for its reluctance to embrace rules and regulations as a complement to litigation, a White House adviser has said.

01 October 2021

FTC broadens the scope of its merger probes

The Federal Trade Commission has expanded the scope of questions it is asking merging parties during investigations to address potential “blind spots,” the head of the agency’s antitrust arm has said.

29 September 2021

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