Topic: Exclusivity clauses

Developer claims Apple monopolised process for signing into apps

Apple has illegally tied its dominance over mobile software to thwart competition for a service that allows users to sign in to multiple accounts with a single username and password, the app developer Blix has said.

22 February 2021

Klobuchar introduces comprehensive antitrust legislation

Senator Amy Klobuchar has introduced sweeping legislation that would make it easier for plaintiffs to challenge mergers and anticompetitive conduct, overhaul the budgets of the US antitrust agencies and empower them to issue civil fines.

04 February 2021

Mylan defeats Sanofi’s claims it illegally prevented competition to EpiPen

Sanofi-Aventis failed to demonstrate that Mylan monopolised the market for epinephrine auto-injectors used to treat severe allergic reactions, a Kansas federal court ruled in a recently unsealed opinion.

02 February 2021

Third Circuit rescues Fresenius Kabi’s monopolisation claims against Par

An appellate court has revived drug manufacturer Fresenius Kabi’s antitrust lawsuit against Par Pharmaceutical, determining that a lower court in New Jersey failed to conduct a requisite analysis of the issues in the case.

13 January 2021

ECJ annuls EU Paramount commitment decision

The European Court of Justice has annulled a decision by the European Commission accepting a commitment from Paramount to stop enforcing geo-blocking restrictions with broadcasters.

09 December 2020

Ireland accepts Ticketmaster exclusivity commitments

Ireland’s competition authority has accepted commitments from Ticketmaster Ireland to limit exclusivity clauses in its contracts with venues and live event organisers to end its abuse of dominance probe.

30 November 2020

Eleventh Circuit questions Delrahim on precedent for reversing Blue Cross immunity

A federal appellate court has questioned the Department of Justice's antitrust chief on what precedent should guide its evaluation of whether Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida should be immune from an antitrust lawsuit brought by a rival insurance company.

23 November 2020

Ice cream company chilled competition, ACCC alleges

One of Australia’s largest individual ice cream suppliers harmed competition by implementing an exclusive dealing arrangement with a major food distributor, the country’s competition watchdog has alleged.

20 November 2020

Italy hits plastic recycling consortium with €27 million abuse fine

Italy’s Competition Authority has fined a recycling consortium €27 million for preventing a rival from recovering and recycling plastic bottles from nearly all of the country’s municipalities.

11 November 2020

Hungary fines Heineken for compliance breach

Hungary’s Competition Authority has fined Heineken for submitting evidence in the wrong format when trying to show its compliance with commitments requiring it to reduce its use of exclusivity clauses in the hospitality sector.

21 October 2020

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