Topic: Excessive pricing

Poland issues pair of truck cartel decisions

Poland’s competition authority has fined six DAF truck dealers and eight managers a total of €26.8 million for allocating the country’s trucks market in two hybrid settlement decisions.

10 January 2022

UK tribunal refuses to pause class action claim against train operator

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has declined a train operator’s request to stay proceedings in an opt-out class action claim that alleges it inflates ticket prices on the London to Brighton train route.

16 December 2021

South Africa caps coronavirus test prices in excessive pricing settlements

South Africa’s antitrust authority has settled excessive pricing probes into three major covid-19 testing labs, agreeing maximum price caps that local lawyers have criticised as tantamount to price regulation.

13 December 2021

CAT considers splitting appeals against excessive pricing decision

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has proposed splitting appeals by five pharmaceutical companies into separate hearings, as they challenge a decision by the country’s competition watchdog that found the drugmakers' inflated the price of a life-saving drug by over 10,000%.

08 December 2021

Israel seeks first excessive pricing penalty

Israel’s Competition Authority plans to fine a pharmaceutical company €2.3 million for charging excessive prices for a life-saving genetic disorder medication, which would mark the first time the enforcer has issued sanctions for such an infringement.

24 November 2021

China punishes pharmaceutical supplier for abuse of dominance

China’s competition watchdog has ordered one of the country’s largest suppliers of active pharmaceutical ingredients to pay over €1.4 million for imposing excessive prices on drug manufacturers from 2014 to 2017.

02 November 2021

Price comparison website faces UK class action over MFN clauses

Hausfeld has filed an opt-out class action claim against Compare The Market seeking over €440 million in damages based on an infringement decision by the UK’s antitrust enforcer, although the lawsuit may be dropped if the price comparison website is successful in its appeal that began today.

01 November 2021

CMA launches market investigation into Motorola’s Airwave network

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has launched a market investigation into Motorola’s Airwave network – the mobile radio network used by all emergency services in Great Britain – after a public consultation reinforced the agency’s concerns that the company may be earning excess profits.

25 October 2021

UK tribunal certifies first excessive pricing class action

The UK's Competition Appeal Tribunal has certified its second-ever class action, allowing a claim to proceed that seeks €469 million in damages from BT for allegedly overcharging 2.3 million landline service customers.

27 September 2021

India hits beer cartel with major fines

The Competition Commission of India has fined United Breweries, Carlsberg and eight of their executives a total of 9 billion rupees (€104 million) for price-fixing, collectively restricting supplies and dividing the country’s beer market.

24 September 2021

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