Topic: European Commission

Google abolishes “choice screen” auction process

Google has amended the search engine selection screen displayed to Android users setting up their devices following discussions with the European Commission on how best to implement the remedies imposed by the agency’s Android decision.

09 June 2021

Schwab proposes DMA amendments

The Member of the European Parliament overseeing the Digital Markets Act has suggested restricting the definition of gatekeepers to providers of at least two core platform services, while advocating for a greater role for national agencies.

07 June 2021

UK and EU enforcers target Facebook’s data practices

The UK and EU’s antitrust watchdogs have announced parallel investigations into Facebook to examine if it uses data collected through its digital advertising service to obtain an unfair competitive advantage in certain online markets.

04 June 2021

Germany opens another Google probe using new powers

Germany’s Federal Cartel Office has opened another investigation into Google using its new competition tool, this time examining whether the planned integration of its online news service and general search function could impede rival third-parties or constitute self-preferencing.

04 June 2021

Overarching cartel agreement cannot prove individual infringements, EU advocate general says

A single and continuous cartel infringement does not necessarily consist of separate, individual violations of competition rules, EU advocate general Giovanni Pitruzzella has said.

03 June 2021

French recycling company loses ECJ appeal

The European Court of Justice has confirmed that a leniency applicant must provide new facts if it is to secure partial immunity, after dismissing an appeal by a recycling company that claimed it was entitled to a bigger discount after being fined as part of the recycled batteries cartel.

03 June 2021

FTC granted dismissal of its Illumina/Grail challenge

A California federal court has accepted the Federal Trade Commission’s request to dismiss its own lawsuit seeking to block Illumina’s purchase of Grail but preserved the chance for the agency to file another challenge at a later date.

01 June 2021

EU governments voice concerns about DMA

Government ministers in Germany, France and the Netherlands have urged the European Commission to strengthen the Digital Markets Act by introducing tougher merger notification provisions and making sure member states can themselves challenge digital platforms.

27 May 2021

Enforcers must embrace algorithms, Régibeau says

Competition agencies should consider using algorithms to detect potential “killer acquisitions”, the European Commission’s chief competition economist has said.

24 May 2021

UK interchange fee claimants seek early blow against Visa and Mastercard

A group of 479 retailers have urged the UK’s specialist competition tribunal to rule against Visa and Mastercard for infringing rules that prohibit anticompetitive agreements when charging their multilateral interchange fees.

12 May 2021

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