Women in Antitrust 2016: Private Practitioners

30 November 2016

Global Competition Review is pleased to present Women in Antitrust 2016, marking the first time we have profiled 150 private practitioners, in-house counsel, enforcers, economists and academics.

This week we recognise nearly 100 remarkable women at the helm of law firms' competition practices around the world. Some have attained global recognition for their work, while others have achieved excellence and antitrust fame in their respective countries.

Many of this year’s entrants appear in our survey for the first time. Others have featured in past editions of Women in Antitrust. To name a few, Rachel Brandenburger, Ilene Knable Gotts and Deirdre Trapp were profiled in our first-ever survey in 1999, while Catriona Hatton, Elaine Johnston and Romina Polley were first featured in 2004. Since then, these women – among others – have only added to their antitrust legacies.

The bulk of the entrants practise within the US, the European Union, and other established competition regimes. The 2016 edition also features several women breaking ground in jurisdictions newer to antitrust laws – including Joyce Karanja-Ng’ang’a in Kenya, Faizah Jamaludin in Malaysia, and Manuela Guia in Romania.

It was impossible to include every woman worthy of recognition, but we endeavoured to highlight those at the forefront of the field, or who have acted on some of the precedent-setting antitrust cases across industries.

Throughout the month of November we have also published this survey’s lists for corporate counselenforcerseconomists and academics.

Instead of traditional biographies, we asked all of these leading women to tell us about themselves, and their lives as both women and antitrust professionals. Thank you to everyone who took part.

Astrid Ablasser-Neuhuber

Ameera Ashraf

Anita Banicevic

Molly Boast

Sabrina Borocci

Nicola Boyle

Rachel Brandenburger

Leah Brannon

Fiona Carlin

Liza Carver

Miranda Cole

Melinda Coolidge

Susan Creighton

Fiona Crosbie

Silvia D’Alberti

Lina Darulienė

Marie Demetriou QC

Ninette Dodoo

Tal Eyal-Boger

Yao Feng

Kathryn Fenton

Cani Fernández

Deborah Garza

Ilene Knable Gotts

Manuela Guia

Catriona Hatton

Silke Heinz  

Sharon Henrick

Roxann Henry

Jackie Holland

Clara Ingen-Housz

Heather Irvine

Uta Itzen

Faizah Jamaludin

Claire Jeffs

Elaine Johnston

Megan Jones

Avaantika Kakkar

Joyce Karanja-Ng’ang’a

Katherine Kay

Sarah Keene  

Helen Kelly

Suyong Kim

Natalia Korosteleva

Veronica Lewis

Anne MacGregor

Jacquelyn MacLennan

Ana Paula Martinez

Cristina Massa Sánchez

Pilar Mata Fernández

Mazor Matzkevich

Janet McDavid

Julie McEvoy

Jean Meijer

Liga Merwin

Samantha Mobley

Elizabeth Morony

Lesley Morphet

Andrea Murino

Nicole Nehme Zalaquett

Susan Ning

Kristina Nordlander

Carolina Pardo

Lorena Pavic

Linda Plumpton

Romina Polley

Paola Pugliese

Marie-Cécile Rameau

Collette Rawnsley

Amanda Reeves

Claire Reidy

Katrina Robson

Barbara Rosenberg

Cristianne Saccab Zarzur

Hollis Salzman

Verónica Sattler

Fiona Schaeffer

Daniela Seeliger

Marta Sendrowicz  

Shweta Shroff Chopra

Kassie Smith QC

Julie Soloway

Mariana Tavares de Araujo

Heather Tewksbury

Mélanie Thill-Tayara

Maria Trabucchi

Deirdre Trapp

Nisha Kaur Uberoi

Ingrid Vandenborre

Christine Varney

Patricia Vidal

Anne Wachsmann

Eriko Watanabe

Kathrin Westermann

Kaori Yamada

Natalie Yeung

Yizhe Zhang

Fay Zhou

Margaret "Peggy" Zwisler


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