GCR Q4 2019

  1. First in the nation

    Amid steady consolidation and weak commodity prices in the agricultural industry, some Democrats are trying to bring trust busting to centre stage. Spencer Parts zeroes in on the scene in Iowa – the first state to vote on contenders in presidential primaries.

  2. The future of chaebols

    All eyes are on the first female chair of Korea’s Fair Trade Commission to see how she will tackle suspected abuses by the family-run conglomerates that have long dominated the local economy. Julie Masson focuses on the future of competition enforcement in Korea.

  3. Vestager the virtuous

    As Margrethe Vestager gears up for her second term as EU competition commissioner, Charley Connor and Matt Richards look back at her controversial use of language and her focus on big technology companies, to ask if she has politicised – or simply moralised – European competition enforcement.

  4. France’s competition bar

    The Paris bar has experienced a reshuffle over the past few years, with some high-profile moves and retirements. Matt Richards walks through the changes.

  5. GCR Live Brussels | Roundtable

    Two months before Margrethe Vestager was nominated for a second term as the EU’s competition commissioner, GCR held its 11th annual conference in Brussels on “bigger picture” themes and trends in competition law. Linklaters partner Gerwin Van Gerven moderated a panel that reviewed Vestager’s first five years at the helm of DG Comp to examine her legacy in state aid and digital enforcement; to evaluate the influence of politics on competition policy; and to predict what lies ahead for the EU authority.

  6. Washington, DC’s antitrust bar

    Even as it undergoes generational shifts and sees a downturn in US cartel investigations, the antitrust bar in Washington, DC, remains big and busy. Pallavi Guniganti and Ben Remaly check in on the most interesting matters.

GCR Q4 2019

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