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The Asia-Pacific Antitrust Review 2019

Complementing our news coverage, The Asia-Pacific Antitrust Review 2019 provides an in-depth and exclusive look at the region. Preeminent practitioners have written about antitrust issues in eight jurisdictions, as well as one regional overview for merger control. The edition includes updates to 16 chapters and adds two new ones – overviews of antitrust in Malaysia and Korea. The authors are unquestionably among the experts in their field within these jurisdictions and the region.

The volume includes contributions from the chairs of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and Korea’s Fair Trade Commission, as well as the chief executive of Hong Kong’s Competition Commission. Other experts look at a range of topics, including cartels and mergers in India and Japan and abuse of dominance in India and China.

This annual review expands each year, especially as the Asia-Pacific region gains even more importance in the global antitrust landscape. It has some of the world’s most developed enforcers – in Australia, Korea and Japan, for example – but it also has some of the world’s newest competition regimes, including in Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Published April 2019