Volume 20 - Issue 1 (December 2016/January 2017)

Whistle at your work - Poland plans to pay informants

Surveys: Korea, Poland • Merger overlaps • GCR Live Hong Kong, New York, Dusseldorf

  1. Creeping towards convergence: the hunt for an ideal deal

    Global antitrust settlements of international mergers remain rare at best. Ron Knox uses data from GCR’s forthcoming Enforcer Tracker project to explore why

Country Survey: Korea

  1. Korea’s competition bar

    Korea’s Fair Trade Commission has established itself as the top antitrust enforcer in Asia, and its considerable workload has kept the country’s small but talented competition bar busy with both domestic and international matters. Ron Knox reports.

Country Survey: Poland

  1. Zloty for your thoughts

    How does an understaffed competition authority revive a weak enforcement record and flagging leniency regime, while policy-makers continue to prioritise consumer protection over competition infringements? The head of Poland’s competition enforcer thinks he has the answer: start paying individual whistleblowers. Tom Madge-Wyld investigates

  2. Poland’s competition bar

    Poland’s competition bar operates in a country whose antitrust enforcer has other priorities. Tom Madge-Wyld profiles Warsaw’s top practices, as they continue to compete for a rapidly diminishing slice of enforcement pie

  3. An interview with Marek Niechciał

    Marek Niechciał was appointed president of Poland’s Office of Competition and Consumer Protection in May 2016 after a change in government. He spoke to Tom Madge-Wyld through an interpreter about plans to introduce new regimes for criminal liability and professional whistleblowers, but denied concerns about the agency’s political independence.

Volume 20 - Issue 1 (December 2016/January 2017)