Global Cartel Analysis

GCR is publishing a package of stories and data visualisations analysing global cartel enforcement over the past 20 years. The data, compiled by Purdue University professor emeritus John Connor and enhanced and analysed by GCR, includes enforcement actions from dozens of competition law enforcement agencies and private plaintiffs against cartel conspiracies both local and global in scope. In this series of stories, we have used Professor Connor's data to help explain and quantify the effect international cartel enforcement has had on the global economy over the past two decades. We have also dug deep to examine specific segments of Professor Connor's ambitious dataset: mega-cartels, executives ensnared in conspiracies and much more.

The first of our stories tests the US Department of Justice's goal of prosecuting the highest-ranking executives involved in cartels by examining the rank of those charged with cartel crimes. The second examines the ever-broadening reach of the global auto parts cartel and uses fining data to attempt to quantify its enormous global price tag.

More to follow soon...

Published March 2017