Topic: Digital markets

Chinese scrutiny of Big Tech is over, academic says

China’s crackdown on large technology platforms is likely to ease off for the remainder of the year due to government concerns that aggressive enforcement could harm the economy, a leading antitrust academic has said.

13 June 2022

Apple ends Dutch dating app dispute

Apple has complied with the Dutch competition authority’s order to change its dating app store payment rules after racking up €50 million in penalties, although the company is still pursuing its appeal against the decision due to consumer privacy concerns.

13 June 2022

UK mobile ecosystems study spawns new Google probe, potential market investigation

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has begun investigating Google’s app store restrictions while consulting on whether to launch a market investigation into mobile browsers and cloud gaming.

10 June 2022

National enforcers push back on Guersent’s proposal to pool antitrust and DMA evidence

The heads of the Swedish and Lithuanian competition authorities have questioned whether national enforcers have the incentive and legal ability to assist the European Commission in its enforcement of the Digital Markets Act.

07 June 2022

ACCC takes Mastercard to court for alleged misuse of market power

Australia’s antitrust watchdog has sued Mastercard for allegedly entering into anticompetitive restrictive agreements with more than 20 major retail businesses for the supply of debit card acceptance services.

30 May 2022

Senate revises self-preferencing bill

The Senate’s self-preferencing legislation has been updated to exclude telecommunications and financial services companies ahead of a potential vote in the coming months.

27 May 2022

UK intensifies Google scrutiny with new adtech probe

The UK’s antitrust watchdog is investigating whether Google unlawfully tied and self-preferenced its services in different parts of the digital advertising technology sector, adding to similar probes by EU, US and French competition enforcers.

26 May 2022

Google must face common carrier lawsuit

A state court has denied Google’s request to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the Ohio attorney general that seeks to define the company’s search engine as a common carrier.

26 May 2022

Microsoft amends cloud licensing practices to quell EU complaints

Microsoft has proactively sought to dodge the antitrust scrutiny befalling its Big Tech rivals by changing its European cloud computing business to avoid a formal probe after rivals lodged complaints to the EU.

19 May 2022

Google AdWords & third-party trademarked keywords: IP infringement or fair competition?

At the centre of the intersection between competition law and intellectual property law sits several cases related to third-party keyword bidding on Google Ads. Khaitan & Co partner Anisha Chand, senior associate Tanveer Verma and associate Satvik Mohanty set out the current landscape in India – including the divergence between the Competition Commission of India and civil courts – and lay out prospects for the future.

19 May 2022

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