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Hot docs remain a crucial indicator of competition issues in fintech deals

The type of language used in internal documents to justify a proposed deal remains one of the best indicators for the Department of Justice in deciding whether a transaction in the financial technology sector will be anticompetitive, two former enforcers have said.

29 January 2021

Google could be self-preferencing, Australian report warns

Australia's antitrust watchdog has published a preliminary report on the state of competition in the ad tech market, concluding that industry leader Google could be unlawfully self-preferencing its own services.

28 January 2021

Ex-government officials advocate for regulation to tackle Big Tech

Regulation may be necessary if the US hopes to confront competition issues posed by the dominance of large technology companies, according to two former government officials.

28 January 2021

Ian Conner: the GCR exit interview

After two-plus years in the Federal Trade Commission’s front office, Ian Conner took over as the director of the agency’s competition bureau in December 2019. Set to depart in mid-February, Conner spoke with GCR USA about the agency’s accomplishments, the need for more funding and balancing the desires of divided leadership.

28 January 2021

Unclear if EU enforcer will formalise latest Google probe, Vestager says

The European Commission has launched a preliminary investigation into Google's practices in the online advertising sector, although Margrethe Vestager said today it is still too early to confirm whether it will become a "full-fledged" competition probe.

26 January 2021

Consumer empowerment will spur competition online, academics argue

Shattering the “illusion of control” that consumers think they hold over their online choices is key to boosting competition in the digital economy, Ariel Ezrachi has said.

26 January 2021

Google acquiesces to publishers in France, pushes back in Australia

Google has agreed to pay French publishers for displaying their content in its search results – at the same time as threatening to withdraw its search engine from Australia over the same issue.

25 January 2021

German reforms usher in new era of antitrust enforcement

Lawmakers in Germany have passed far-reaching reforms to the nation’s competition laws, which give its antitrust enforcer sweeping new powers to challenge the behaviour of the major digital platforms. Janith Aranze and Emily Craig spoke to local competition lawyers about the significance and severity of the new law and how it will interact with proposed EU rules for regulating digital gatekeepers.

22 January 2021

Judge denies Parler’s injunction request to reinstate Amazon account

Amazon Web Services does not need to reinstate the web-hosting services it was providing to social media site Parler, a federal judge in Washington state has said.

22 January 2021

Epic Games seeks jurisdiction in Apple and Google dispute

The UK's Competition Appeal Tribunal should permit Epic Games to serve its claims against Apple and Google’s US-based entities because the developer has suffered “significant damage” in the UK due to their conduct, counsel to Epic has argued.

21 January 2021

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