Topic: Digital markets

EU lawmakers support competition policy reform

The European Parliament has passed a resolution advising the European Commission to adapt its competition enforcement tools and step up international cooperation, while calling for greater protection of industrial champions.

19 June 2020

DOJ recommends Congress end platform immunity for antitrust claims

The Department of Justice has encouraged Congress to specify that section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which limits the legal liability of online platforms, does not apply in federal antitrust cases.

18 June 2020

Scott Morton: Facebook may use Giphy purchase to raise rivals’ costs

Facebook’s recent acquisition of Giphy fits a pattern of monopolistic deals and could be used to raise rivals’ costs, Yale economist Fiona Scott Morton has said.

11 June 2020

Manne responds to Scott Morton’s roadmap

Geoffrey Manne, who founded the International Center for Law and Economics, believes that the “roadmap” for filing a monopolisation lawsuit against Google that two Department of Justice alumni published last month is flawed.

10 June 2020

Senators criticise AT&T’s preferencing of HBO Max

Three Democratic senators have asked AT&T to explain its decision not to count customers’ use of HBO Max toward their mobile data limits.

08 June 2020

Competition experts caution against radical antitrust reforms

A group of antitrust lawyers, economists and scholars is urging Congress not to adopt any radical changes to the antitrust laws and enforcement to protect competition in digital markets.

01 June 2020

French interim measures force Google to pay publishers

France’s Competition Authority has given Google three months to negotiate an acceptable fee to pay news publishers for displaying their content in its search results.

09 April 2020

CMA alleges more RPM in musical instrument e-commerce sector

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has accused two more musical instrument suppliers of imposing minimum prices on retailers through the use of “all-seeing” online price-monitoring software.

24 March 2020

South African tribunal issues interim measures in abuse case

The Competition Tribunal of South Africa has imposed interim measures on an information and communications technology company, preventing it from bundling its software with its other services while the country’s antitrust enforcer conducts an abuse of dominance probe.

14 February 2020

CMA fines Fender for online RPM

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has imposed its largest ever fine for resale price maintenance, after an investigation found a guitar maker prevented online retailers from discounting its guitars.

22 January 2020

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