Topic: Digital markets

Facebook and Google diverge on Australian news law

Facebook has blocked its Australian users from sharing or viewing news content in response to the country’s proposed pay-for-news law, on the same day that Google came to a compensation agreement with media conglomerate News Corp.

18 February 2021

Indonesian enforcer increases focus on digital economy

Indonesia’s competition watchdog has said it must update its tactics for detecting anticompetitive conduct in the digital economy, while closely monitoring deals that intend to increase the parties' dominance in e-commerce markets.

18 February 2021

Epic heads to EU in fight against Apple

Epic Games has continued its global crusade against Apple by filing an antitrust complaint with the European Commission.

17 February 2021

Kovacic: “Apocalypse narrative” about past enforcement is unhelpful

Efforts by some progressive antitrust advocates to depict past enforcement as a complete failure may inhibit their ability to bring about effective change, a former head of the Federal Trade Commission has said.

17 February 2021

Lee: antitrust laws sufficient to address the “totalitarianism” of Big Tech

The current US antitrust laws are more than up to the task in addressing the harm caused by the “corporate shadow state” of technology monopolies, the top Republican on the Senate’s antitrust subcommittee has said.

17 February 2021

Texas AG defends decision to hire outside counsel in Google lawsuit

Texas attorney general Ken Paxton has said the state needed to hire outside counsel to bring its monopolisation case against Google because his office lacked the necessary expertise to litigate the case.

12 February 2021

French court fines Google for Ads abuse

A French court has ordered Google to pay a telephone directory operator over €1.2 million in antitrust damages and reinstate the company to its Google Ads platform.

11 February 2021

Economists propose revisions to EU’s draft gatekeeper rules

Six competition economists have recommended that the European Commission’s draft Digital Markets Act include both a “blacklist” of prohibited conduct and a “grey list” of practices that gatekeepers could argue are procompetitive.

10 February 2021

Google health collaboration prohibited by German court

A German court has provisionally banned Google from working with the Federal Ministry of Health to display health information boxes in the company’s search results, ruling that the cooperation likely amounts to a cartel agreement.

10 February 2021

SAMR fines Vipshop as online platform guidance is finalised

China’s competition watchdog has fined Tencent-backed Vipshop nearly €400,000 for developing a system to obtain a competitive advantage over brands sold on its e-commerce platform.

09 February 2021

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