Topic: Digital markets

CMA defends merger control powers against Facebook court challenge

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority was entitled to impose wide-ranging restrictions on Facebook at the start of the Phase I investigation into its acquisition of Giphy, particularly because the deal had already been implemented, the enforcer’s counsel has told an appellate court.

29 April 2021

Facebook challenges CMA’s merger review powers in UK court

The UK’s antitrust enforcer cannot use interim measures during merger reviews to “regulate the structure of competition” across markets, Facebook has argued to an appellate court.

28 April 2021

Russia fines Apple €10 million for app store abuse

Russia's Federal Antimonopoly Service has fined Apple for favouring its own applications on its iOS operating system over rivals, eight months after the enforcer found that the company abused its dominance.

28 April 2021

ACCC puts Apple and Google on notice over app marketplace dominance

Australia’s competition watchdog has found that Apple and Google are dominant distributors of mobile apps and recommended that they provide consumers with greater choice to change pre-installed apps and allow developers to offer alternative payment options.

28 April 2021

Apple faces second antitrust complaint over privacy update

A group of media and advertising associations has complained to Germany’s competition enforcer that Apple is breaching antitrust rules by giving iOS users the choice to opt-out of third-party personalised advertising.

26 April 2021

Turkey launches sprawling probe into no-poach agreements

The Turkish Competition Authority has launched an investigation into 32 food delivery, e-commerce, media and tech companies – including Google – over suspicions that they agreed not to hire each other's employees.

22 April 2021

Indian court refuses to quash WhatsApp probe

The Delhi High Court has refused to set aside an order by India’s competition watchdog directing its investigative branch to conduct a full abuse of dominance probe into WhatsApp’s updated terms of services and privacy policy.

22 April 2021

Apple and Google face questions over alleged abuses of power

Officials from Apple and Google have attempted to fend off attacks from app developers and senators over the companies’ dominance of their mobile app stores.

22 April 2021

Khan: FTC playing catch-up on tech

The US antitrust enforcers initially failed to understand how digital markets operate and have lagged behind ever since, Federal Trade Commission nominee Lina Khan has said.

22 April 2021

Newspapers stack up monopolisation suits against Google

Publishers of 140 newspapers, including the UK's Daily Mail, have alleged Google’s stranglehold over digital advertising has starved them of their most important source of revenue.

21 April 2021

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